Loose Cannon question

Something me and a pal were wondering: I know after the Pillmanizing of the ankle and the gun angle, Brian Pillman was out with the bad ankle and they couldn't do him vs. Austin then. But how come by Summerslam, when Pillman was back in action, did they not go with Austin vs. Pillman? You'd figure that would have had more juice at that time than Austin/Owen and Goldust/Pillman. What stopped them from finally paying off the animosity of the ex-Hollywood Blondes?

They tried a few times as it is!  It was already supposed to be at King of the Ring before Bret and Shawn had their tiff.  I think by Summerslam it would have been kind of a waste to use Austin in that role, though, because they wanted to get him going as IC champion.  I guess it would have worked out better had they gone with Pillman, although Austin's neck was going to give out soon either way.