WWF Superstars – October 31st, 1992

October 31, 1992

From the Saskatchewan Center in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect. And, they cut live to Bobby Heenan & Gorilla Monsoon on “Wrestling Challenge” as they will be announcing the Tag Team Title match. This simulcast coverage of the Tag match was unique and made it feel more special.

Before the Tag Title match, the Nasty Boys come out to confront Jimmy Hart as they are pissed about getting passed over on the title shot. Money. Inc. tries to intervene with DiBiase offering money to keep the peace. They take the money then beat on Money Inc and toss them outside as Heenan screams about Money Inc. having a title match today and that it needs to be postponed. The Nasty Boys leave to cheers and then Natural Disasters come out.


WWF World Tag Team Title Match: Money Inc. w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Natural Disasters (c)

IRS is still out on the outside as the Disasters keep sandwiching DiBiase. IRS trips up Typhoon to allow Money Inc. to take control as Heenan rants about Money Inc. getting screwed over. Typhoon reverses a suplex then hits one of his own. Earthquake tags in and sets up for his splash but we see The Headshrinkers with Afa come out. Typhoon confronts the Headshrinkers then Earthquake gets whipped outside and crashes into the guardrail as we go to break. That was an impressive bump from Earthquake. The match returns with Money Inc. in control as they take turns wearing down Earthquake with sleeper holds then DiBiase slaps on the Million Dollar Dream for the win as we have new champions as Heenan proclaims Hart as the Manager of the Year (7:12) *1/2. After the match, Jimmy Hart goes to the announcers and says he is the manager and made the right choice with Money Inc. However, the Nasty Boys come back out and grab Hart and yell at him for getting sold out. The Nasties then give Hart the pit stop as Money Inc. watches then they launch Hart right at Money Inc.

Thoughts: Good storyline stuff but the match itself was alright I suppose but Money Inc. is really boring in the ring. Turning the Nasty Boys was needed because of the severe lack of depth on the face side of the division. And it got the Nasty Boys over by faces and sets them up to feud with the Nasty Boys plus Headshrinkers can feud with the Disasters over the distraction that led to them losing the titles. The shakeup was needed but the Tag division is still in need of a lot more help.


Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Bill Jodoin

The announcers talk about the Tag Team situation then Vince puts over Yokozuna’s size. Yokozuna tosses Jodoin then hits a leg drop as Fuji waves the Japanese flag. Yokozuna then hits a belly-to-belly suplex and stays in control until using a sit-down splash from the middle rope for the win (1:52). The camera zooms in on Yoko’s face as Vince is putting him over strong as Perfect wonders who will take him off of his feet.

Thoughts: Vince was in all his glory while putting over Yokozuna but it was warranted. He moved around so fast for a man his size and everything he did looked great.


Last week’s Undertaker and Nailz confrontation.


We now get a vignette from Bam Bam Bigelow, stating that he is coming to the WWF. According to Bigelow himself he came back to the WWF to get more exposure because the current Independent scene was terrible and his New Japan deal ended and was not renewed as he claimed NJPW signed a deal with WCW and were not accepting any other “Gaijin” talent so this was pretty much the only place to go. And Vince also needed more talent and Bigelow said Vince never held a grudge against him for leaving.


Tatanka vs. Dusty Wolfe

We see someone dressed as a clown in the stands as Tatanka takes Wolfe down with a hip toss. Perfect predicts Tatanka will not be undefeated for much longer as he hits a dropkick. Wolfe cuts off Tatanka with an elbow smash then rakes the back. Tatanka fights back then hits a flying chop as we once again see the clown in the stands and after that Tatanka hits a Samoan Drop for the win (2:37).

Thoughts: Tatanka’s undefeated streak is still played up but we saw a clown in the bleachers dancing and in a way to let you know that it was a new character.


We now go to the interview platform with the debut of interviewer Joe Blevins or Beavins as it was tough to tell and this might have been the only time his name was mentioned. His real name was Joe Aiello, who got a job due to Nick Bockwinkle and did some promoting in Canada later on and currently is a morning drive radio host in Winnipeg. He brings out Ric Flair & Razor Ramon. Flair says Razor knows about surviving more than anyone alive and Razor tells the Ultimate Maniacs that just because Flair does not have the title does not make them the lesser team. Razor also says they don’t need no stinking belts to prove that as Flair then runs down the Maniacs. Flair was great here I thought but this match does not have nearly enough heat to be a top WWF PPV match.


Survivor Series Report with Gene Okerlund. New matches announced are Big Bossman vs. Nailz in a Nightstick on a Pole match and Rick Martel vs. Tatanka. We also saw a promo from Undertaker & Bearer inside of their workshop as they are making a custom coffin for Kamala.


Jim Duggan gives us a PSA to make sure and vote on Election Day.


Shawn Michaels comes out for his match against Steve May. He is shown in an insert promo talking about beating Bret Hart for the World Title at Survivor Series then keeps looking into the mirror that Sherri is holding up. However, as Shawn poses we see Marty Jannetty come through the crowd in street clothes. Marty gets behind Shawn and Shawn freaks out. Marty beats on Shawn then grabs the mirror from Sherri. Marty tries to whack Shawn but he pulled Sherri in front of him as Sherri gets the mirror cracked over her head. Shawn bails as a stretcher takes out Sherri. Perfect says Marty deliberately hit a woman as Vince gives us the replay that showed Shawn push Sherri in front of him and we then get a freeze frame of the aftermath. What a segment. Marty’s return was out of nowhere and loved how they shot this angle with Shawn seeing Marty in the mirror. With Sherri being downplayed a bit with Shawn this was a way to get her off of TV as I believe it was reported she wanted to be off the road for a while to spend time with her son. This was a great segment though.


Next week in action we will have an interview with the Big Bossman. In action are The Headshrinkers and Money Inc. defending the Tag Team Titles against High Energy. We hear from Hart as he is irate over the Nasty Boys turning on him and how Jack Tunney are forcing them to defend the titles one week after winning. Hart says its not fair because they do not have time to celebrate.


Final Thoughts: Man did a lot of stuff happen on this show. We saw the Tag Titles change hands and the Nasty Boys turn face. We also saw a few debuts and turns as due to record low ratings they had to shake things up and put on a more interesting TV product.