The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–01.21.84

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 01.21.84

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Bill Watts & Boyd Pierce.

Jim Cornette is here to once again brag about his mother’s money and how rich people don’t have to sweat. So we head back to an interview with TA & Wrestling II from last week, where Cornette bursts in looking for a title shot and once again emphasizes that they’re CHICKEN. So this sets up the clip from last week where the Midnight Express attack the faces and subject TA to a tarring and feathering. Bill Watts is DISGUSTED by this show of cowardice. Cornette has been fined $5000, the largest in Mid-South history, but Cornette just laughs it off as “a phone call to Mother”.

Terry Taylor v. Krusher Darsow

Darsow attacks and throws knees in the corner, but Taylor comes back with dropkicks and slugs him down. Abdominal stretch, but Volkoff runs in for the DQ at 1:37. Those damn Russians find a noose and try to hang Taylor, but luckily Rick Rood saves him from being murdered on national TV. 0 for 1.

The Midnight Express v. Roger Bond & Mike Jackson

TA & Wrestling II are on commentary here, and before the match we establish the rule that if they’re doing commentary, they’re subject to a $2500 fine each should they decide to interfere. So of course Cornette goads them on from the ring, pointing out that HE wouldn’t let a mere $2500 stop him from getting revenge on someone, so obviously they must be chickens. Jackson gets a bodypress on Condrey for two, but Eaton elbows him down. Over to Bond and Bobby drops a knee from the middle rope. The Express keeps taunting the babyfaces at the commentary table while II tries to keep TA calm and composed. Condrey with a powerslam off the middle rope and they finish with the backbreaker into an Eaton elbow at 2:51. They hit Jackson with a spike piledriver and now II is the one getting all worked up, but when they try to tar and feather Bond, Magnum can TAKE NO MORE and the champions burst in to attack, costing themselves $2500 each. But they’re real men, so it’s worth the price. 1 for 2.

Buddy Landell v. Mike Starbuck

Buddy slaps the jobber around and feathers his hair, then takes the guy down with a full nelson, and then finishes him with a backbreaker into an elbow at 2:48. 1 for 3. Maybe the guy should look into starting a coffee shop.

Brian Adidas v. Mickey Henry

Man, I just can’t escape Adidas this week. They trade headlocks and I’m thinking that referee “Joel Armstrong” must be Joel Watts, right? Adidas with a dropkick and he gets an awkward small package that nearly rolls them out of the ring, but a second try finishes at 3:00. 1 for 4.

Rick Rood v. Masao Ito

Bill Watts is not 100% clear on “all the Asiatic races” and where Ito hails from exactly, but he’s a tough guy, that much he knows. Ito kicks the crap out of Rood and chops him down, then finishes with something like a Tongan death grip at 2:10, which prompts Rood to bleed from the mouth as a result. This was actually Rood’s exit from the territory, as he left for Memphis and completely reinvented himself.

Coming Soon: THE ROCK N ROLL EXPRESS. Sadly, “I Love Rock N Roll” has been purged from the soundtrack and replaced with generic guitar rock. This could not be any more 80s.

Bill and Boyd wrap it up, and Watts once again stresses that he has no time for sissies like Cornette. It’s one thing if a MAN insults you to your face, but he just wants to backhand that little sissy and strangle him.