WWF Prime Time Wrestling – September 28th, 1992

September 28, 1992

Vince McMahon is your host. Panelists include: Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Hillbilly Jim, Mr. Perfect, and Bobby Heenan

This week we will see Money Inc. vs. Virgil & El Matador, Bret Hart vs. Repo Man, Tatanka vs. Berzerker, and the Beverly Brothers vs. Bushwhackers.


We are in the studio with Vince saying we will also see a split screen interview from both Razor Ramon and Randy Savage. However, Heenan says Razor is ready now and they talk to him. Hillbilly tells Razor that Savage will take care of him but Razor tells Jim that no one cares what he has to say.


El Matador & Virgil vs. Money Inc. w/ Jimmy Hart

This match took place at the 9/2 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Landover, MD. Its also featured on the “Rampage 92” Coliseum Home Video release. DiBiase is once again rocking the awesome white suit and trunks. Before the match, IRS tells the crowd that they need a good, old-fashioned audit. God, this gimmick is tiresome. IRS slams Matador then jaws at the crowd. Matador decks IRS and hits a slam of his own then clears the ring as Money Inc. regroups on the outside. Virgil and DiBiase are in now as the crowd is into this match. DiBiase boots Virgil in the gut then fires away in the corner but Virgil fights back. Virgil & Matador work the arm of DiBiase until IRS knees Matador in the back from the apron. Money Inc. cuts the ring in half and IRS slows things down with a chinlock. Matador tries to fight out but is yanked down to the mat. Matador fires away on DiBiase and tries to tag out then counters a piledriver with a back drop but IRS tags in and immediately attacks Virgil to prevent a tag. DiBiase is back in and ducks his head for a back drop but Matador turns that into a swinging neckbreaker and finally makes the tag. Virgil runs wild then the match breaks down as DiBiase breaks up a pin attempt. The ref tries to maintain order as Virgil tries to suplex IRS back in from the apron but DiBiase trips him up and holds his leg as IRS falls on top for the win (10:00) **1/2.

Thoughts: Solid match thanks to Virgil & Matador who had a really strong showing here. Virgil really did improve by this time but sadly his push was long over. Money Inc. is just not a strong act and DiBiase’s banged up and not the same worker just several months prior.
Komet Kid defeats Duane Gill from the 9/27 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Back to the panel as Hacksaw is impressed with the Komet Kid but Heenan wants to know who is underneath the mask.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Shawn Michaels & Sensational Sherri to the interview platform. This was also from the 9/2 Challenge tapings. Okerlund tells Sherri she could have won an award for her acting at SummerSlam then accuses her of trying to get both men to fight for her love. Sherri said she just wanted to prove that Shawn loved her as Shawn does love Sherri but not as much as Sherri loves him or as much as he loves himself. Shawn then said more than anything he loves the Intercontinental Title around his waist. Shawn says that beautiful women chase him and will chase a dog this time and vows to take the IC Title away from the British Bulldog. Shawn then tells Okerlund the next time they meet he will be IC Champion.


Nasty Boys defeat Bobby Perez & Akita Webb from the 9/26 edition of “Superstars.” 


The Update segment from Superstars that shows the formation of the Ultimate Maniacs is shown.


We are once again in the studio to hear from Randy Savage via satellite. Savage said he lost the World Heavyweight Title due to Razor Ramon and is going to take care of him but Perfect cuts him off to make a joke about Savage not having a leg to stand on. Savage says he does not make excuses then goes after Heenan & Perfect. Duggan tells Savage he is brave for standing on his own and defending the title despite being hurt. More shouting over each other here.


Repo Man vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

Another match from the 9/2 Challenge tapings. This was also included on the “WWF Wrestling Grudge Matches 93” and “Best of the WWF: Fan Favorites” Coliseum Home Video releases. Repo scurries to the ropes after Bret applied a waist lock. Repo taunts Bret after rolling him up for a two count then works the arm. Bret fights back then uses a backslide for two. Rollup gets two. Clothesline gets two then Repo Man bails. Repo tries a sneak attack but gets caught. Repo thumbs Bret in the eye then catches him with a boot in the corner. He dumps Bret throat-first across the top rope and chokes him out on the mat. Repo kicks out of a sunset flip attempt then roughs up Bret in the corner. He cuts off a comeback after kneeing Bret in the gut then dumps him outside where he sneaks around the ring and attacks from behind. Repo hits a back suplex for two then yells at the ref. Bret blocks a suplex and hits one of his own and after that runs wild. Repo Man uses a small package but Bret reverses that and gets the win (8:32) **.

Thoughts: The match was alright thanks to Bret. Repo Man is really lacking in the ring and the overall heel side of the roster remains weak.


The panel debates whether or not voodoo was the cause of Bret losing the Intercontinental Title at SummerSlam.


Nailz defeats Tony DeVito from the 9/27 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


The Bob Backlund segment from the 9/27 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” is shown.


We now get the split screen interview with Razor and Savage. Razor keeps challenging Savage to face him every time Savage talks as Savage says Razor needs to prove he has guts. Razor says the two guys wearing gold are the champ and himself and wants Savage to jump into his limo and come down to Miami. Savage then tells Razor he does not have what it takes to beat him as the two keep amping up. A solid, heated verbal argument here. And I loved how Razor challenged Savage as his character was refreshing for this time period.


Tatanka vs. The Berzerker w/ Mr. Fuji

This match took place at SummerSlam. Berzerker brings Tatanka to his knees with a test-of-strength but Tatanka is able to get up and toss Berzerker outside. They collide after a criss-cross spot then Tatanka kicks the Berzerker’s leg. Tatanka eats boot on a charge in the corner then Berzerker hits a front falling slam for a two count. Berzerker takes Tatanka outside then slams him in the aisle before breaking the referee’s count. Berzerker brings Tatanka back inside and ties him up in the ropes. Berzerker lands a few shots and a running kick but Tatanka dumps him outside then heads out and slams him in the aisle. Tatanka rolls Berzerker back inside and runs wild until hitting a Samoan Drop for the win (5:03) *1/2.

Thoughts: Tatanka looked decent here but Berzerker was going through the motions and looked messed up. And speaking about Berzerker, he partied all week in England with Hawk and failed a drug test and was gone for six weeks only to return in October where he put people over for a few months before walking out of the company as he no longer wanted to wrestle and returned to sell cars. So it was quite likely he was either messed up like Hawk was or ungodly hungover.


Flair interview from “Wrestling Challenge” is shown.


We are back to the panel as a heated Duggan tells Flair & Heenan that Razor & Flair will regret what they did to Savage & Warrior.


Undertaker defeats Glen Ruth from the 9/27 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Papa Shango defeats John Richtner from the 9/26 edition of “Superstars.” 


Beverly Brothers w/ The Genius vs. Bushwhackers

This is from the 8/10 Superstars tapings in Huntsville, AL. Its also featured on the “WWF Wrestling World Tour” Coliseum Home Video release. Beau beats on Luke to start but misses a charge in the corner. The match breaks down with The Bushwhackers cleaning house and marching around the ring. Luke and Blake are in now and that leads to some really awful sequences that see the Beverly Brothers has some miscommunication. The Beverlys regain control after dumping Luke outside where Beau hits him with the scroll. The Beverly Brothers double-team Luke and cut off the ring until Luke fights back. Butch runs wild but the match breaks down again then Beau trips Butch behind the ref’s back and Blake drops an elbow while Beau holds down Butch’s leg and that gets the win (6:07) 1/4*.

Thoughts: This match sucked, especially the miscommunication spots, as the state of the Tag Team division is rather sad.


Razor Ramon defeats Nick Tarantino from the 9/26 edition of “Superstars.” 


Back in the studio the panel talks about the British Bulldog and who should contend for his Intercontinental Title. Names discussed where Shawn Michaels, The Mountie, and Rick Martel.


British Bulldog defeats Barry Hardy from the 9/26 edition of “Superstars.” 


Final Thoughts: The opening match was solid and the Savage/Razor segment was good but the rest of the action was anywhere from dull to terrible and the panel format is stale and this particular panel has very little chemistry. The show feels stale and the lack of star power is glaring. As a matter of fact, both the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” and the “PW Torch” reported that this week’s WWF TV had record low ratings at the time and its not hard to see why.