Mid-South Wrestling – March 1st, 1984

March 1st, 1984

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

In action this week are the Rock & Roll Express, Midnight Express, and the TV Title Tournament continues with Magnum TA vs. Krusher Darsow


Watts says since getting injured in the Coal Miner’s Glove match they have been unable to locate Jim Duggan. Well, they should check Championship Wrestling from Florida.


We then go over the tournament bracket as today’s winner will face Junkyard Dog in two weeks.


Jim Ross is with Magnum TA for a ringside interview. He asks Magnum over what happened last week when he gave up his title shot to save his friendship with Mr. Wrestling II. Magnum puts over Mr. Wrestling’s coaching and how time is passing him by so he will give the shot to Mr. Wrestling. However, Mr. Wrestling comes out and tells Magnum he does not give him anything and that he picked Magnum up from garbage and made him into a champion. Mr. Wrestling then challenges Magnum to a match now and slaps Magnum across the face. Magnum is still taken aback but Mr. Wrestling calls him gutless and wants to beat Magnum to prove that he is #1. Mr. Wrestling slaps Magnum a few more times then Magnum leaves, refusing to wrestle his coach. Watts comes over and asks Mr. Wrestling two what is problem is over losing focus and trying to embarrass his protege. Watts also says Magnum walked away not out of fear but out of respect as Watts believes Magnum will win. Mr. Wrestling says he can take any man and beat the Midnight Express. Mr. Wrestling II is doing some amazing heel work here despite not yet officially turning. And I like how Watts played up Magnum not retaliating and walking away due to respect and even threw in how Magnum would likely beat Mr. Wrestling II.


The Midnight Express come out for their match against Joe Savoldi & John King. Cornette tells Watts he’s sick of hearing him run his mouth and that they already proved how Magnum was a chicken. Then, Mr. Wrestling comes out and sends Savoldi to the dressing room and comes over to the announcers table to say he bought out Savoldi’s contract for the match. Mr. Wrestling is putting his money where his mouth is now.


The Midnight Express w/ Jim Cornette vs. Mr. Wrestling II & John King

Mr. Wrestling works over Condrey to start. Eaton tags in and Mr. Wrestling gets the best of him before tagging out. Eaton quickly beats on King as the Midnights take control and even use the Hart Attack then Condrey hits a super power slam for the win (1:52). The Midnights beat on King after the match and Mr. Wrestling II runs in to help but gets whacked with the tennis racket. Magnum runs out to save his partner but Darsow is out himself and runs Magnum into the post.

Thoughts: Well, Mr. Wrestling II was unsuccessful in beating the Midnight Express with a lesser established partner but his pupil Magnum came out for the save.


We see a clip from Houston Wrestling. Its Paul Boesch interviewing Nikolai Volkoff & Krusher Darsow. Volkoff talks up Darsow but that he has an American name so his new last name will be “Khruschev,” named after the greatest Russian present. Volkoff then presents Khruschev with a shovel that’s going to be used to bury America before singing the Russian National anthem. Darsow is officially a Russian now as opposed to a Russian admirer.


TV Title Tournament Match: Magnum TA vs. Krusher Khruschev

Magnum’s head is bandaged and face still covered in blood. These two brawl before the ring introductions. Khruschev chokes Magnum out on the ropes then hits a clothesline and a slam. Elbow drop gets two then both men collide and hit the mat. We see Mr. Wrestling at ringside now as Khruschev gets up first and picks up Magnum for the backbreaker submission. Mr. Wrestling then calls the ref over to him and keeps him distracted as Magnum is still in the hold. Magnum then is able to push his feet off of the ropes and get Khruschev on the mat for a pin but Mr. Wrestling threw in the towel and the ref rings the bell and awards Khruschev the match (2:31) *.

Thoughts: Brief but all about storyline advancement with Mr. Wrestling tossing in the towel for his pupil despite the fact he escaped from the submission.


Back from break as Watts is with Mr. Wrestling and asks why he threw in the towel. Mr. Wrestling said Magnum was bleeding and beaten then threw in the towel as to not see him get killed. Mr. Wrestling then storms off as Watts is at a loss. Loved how Mr. Wrestling played this off as he makes it seem like everyone is against him and in a way that casts just enough doubt as to if he is telling the truth.


We see the end of the “Football Helmet” match between Butch Reed and Jim Neidhart from Houston. It took place on 2/24. And this match was actually shown on the NWA OnDemand service and someone was kind enough to rip it after the service shut down so here is the match in its entirety:


Football Helmet Match: “Hacksaw” Butch Reed vs. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

To win this match you have to climb the pole and grab the helmet and use it before winning the match. Neidhart tries to climb before the bell but is stopped by Reed then after that we get some back-and-forth action as both men keep trying to climb. Neidhart dumps Reed outside and hammers away before ramming him into the post a few times. He then grabs a chair and hits Reed on the head before rolling back inside where he climbs the pole but is stopped by Reed, who takes him off with a chair. Reed misses a flying elbow drop then Neidhart once again tries to climb the pole but Reed meets him up on the top rope where they fight. They fall back down onto the mat after Neidhart teased dropping to the floor. Neidhart roughs up Reed then runs him over but tries another tackle and gets tossed outside. Reed rolls Neidhart back in and hits an elbow smash then a suplex before sending tossing him through the ropes. Reed drops Neidhart throat-first across of the guardrail then gets back in and climbs up the pole after taunting the crowd but falls down after Neidhart shook the ropes. The fans loved that spot. Neidhart uses a back drop and a clothesline but Reed comes after with a flying shoulder tackle as both men are down. Reed is up first and climbs up to grab the helmet but Neidhart slams him off of the top rope. Neidhart then takes the helmet off of Reed and puts it on as he sets up for a charge but Reed pulled powder from his tights and throws it into Neidhart’s face. Reed then puts on the helmet and headbutts Neidhart, busting him open. Reed mocks Neidhart with some football practice drills and heads back up top to hit the flying shoulder tackle for the win (9:25) ***1/4. After the match, Reed takes off the helmet and uses it to beat Neidhart and bust him open further. Neidhart has a crimson mask as Reed continues to hammer away then Terry Taylor runs out for the save as Reed leaves the ring but cheap shots Taylor from the outside then heads back in to beat Taylor with the helmet as the crowd chants for JYD. Taylor is also busted open.

Thoughts: I really liked the psychology of the match as both men waste very little time in climbing the pole after when in control of the match. Neidhart’s brawling looked shitty at times but they kept a good pace and it was tremendously built. With Taylor coming in and getting attacked by Reed a Taylor vs. Reed match or feud seems to be in the works. It was Neidhart’s last Mid-South match from what I can tell and the best singles match I’ve ever seen from him. And a funny story about this match is that in his shoot interview with RF Video, Neidhart said that Reed had so much product in his hair that it got to a point to where he was unable to even climb the pole himself.


“Hacksaw” Butch Reed & “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel vs. Jason Walker & Mike Jackson

Watts talks about how while they do not usually show matches that wild like the Football Helmet match but want fans to understand what they might be getting into when they go to the shows. Jackson shows off his ability then tags out as Walker is immediately beaten down by Reed. Walker really does not seem to know what he is doing as Landel was going to put him away with the corkscrew elbow drop but Walker moved away so Landel hit a suplex then drops the elbow for the win (2:01).

Thoughts: An easy win for Reed & Landel as this duo seems primed for a push.


A replay of last week when the Rock n’ Roll Express and Terry Taylor painted Khruschev red because he wants to be a commie.


Jerry Gray vs. Terry Taylor

They start off on the mat and end up in the ropes. Taylor takes control and works the arm until Gray backs him into the corner and hammers away. Taylor fights back and hits a jumping back elbow smash then the flying forearm for the win (1:24).

Thoughts: Good action while it lasted as this is another win for Taylor as his popularity continues to rise. Gray was a pretty good worker himself but did not get any sort of push here.


Randy Barber & Steve Brinson vs. Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

Barber actually did enhancement work later in the decade for the WWE under a masked gimmick called “The Raider.” Sadly, he passed away in 2008. The RnR use quick tags and keep the action at a fast-paced while Watts puts them over on commentary. Watts says that we will see a video on a new team coming in from Memphis called the “Bruise Brothers” then the RnR hit Barber with a double dropkick for the win (1:47).

Thoughts: The RnR looked awesome once again and are already crowd favorites.


The video for the Bruise Brothers is shown. It’s set to “Soul Man” by James Brown. The team consisted of Porkchop Cash & Troy Graham as they dressed like the Blues Brothers. They were managed by Jimmy Hart who was also featured in the video. This was tremendous and you can watch it here


Next week, the TV Title Tournament continues with Terry Taylor vs. Masao Ito. Also, Jake Roberts will be here from Georgia and that Grizzly Smith wants to see a showdown between the “expresses” as its obvious they are hinting at ta Midnight Express vs. Rock ‘n’ Roll Express match.


Final Thoughts: Once again, another fast moving show strong on storyline advancement but short on action. The Mr. Wrestling II/Magnum TA stuff was the most prevalent but we also saw Darsow become Khruschev and they hinted at a tag match taking place next week between two new and exciting teams on the scene. This territory remains a blast to watch.