WWF Prime Time Wrestling – September 21st, 1992

September 21, 1992

Vince McMahon is your host. Panelists include: Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Hillbilly Jim, Bobby Heenan, and Mr. Perfect


Unfortunately, this copy did not include the Headshrinkers match and a few other matches that were aired on this past week’s “Superstars.”


Razor Ramon vs. Virgil

This is from the 8/10 “Superstars” tapings in Huntsville, AL. Both men fight over a lockup to start. Razor cheap shots Virgil after a break then works the leg for a bit. Virgil is able to kick Razor outside but has trouble standing so Razor drags him to the corner and slams his leg against the post. Virgil screams in pain after rolling off of the apron the Razor rolls him back in and goes back to the leg as the announcers talk about the World Heavyweight Title situation. Virgil fights back and hits a flying clothesline but ducks his head for a back drop and Razor hits the crucifix powerbomb for the win (5:53) *1/2.

Thoughts: Not a whole lot to this match as Razor dominated. Virgil showed fire during his comebacks and sold the leg well enough but his stock is dropping as much as Razor’s is ascending.


We go to the studio with Vince doing the introductions of the panel then running down the rest of the show, namely the satellite interview with Flair.


Crush defeats Barry Horowitz in a match first shown on the 9/20 edition of “Wresting Challenge.”


Back to the panel as they discuss a Flair vs. Warrior match and how each person would win.


WWF Superstars Update segment on the events that led up Flair defeating Savage for the title


At the panel once again with Duggan puts over Savage for defending the title hurt and accuses Heenan & Perfect of having their Plan B in the works the entire time.


Tatanka defeats The Mountie by disqualification in a match first shown on the 9/19 edition of “Superstars.”


Skinner vs. Joey Maggs

This is from the 9/1 “Superstars” tapings in Hershey, PA. We get some back-and-forth to start. Maggs applies a headlock after outsmarting Skinner in an Irish whip sequence. Maggs goes back to the headlock after getting a two count off of a sunset flip but ends up getting slammed to the mat. Skinner tosses Maggs outside then goes out and roughs him up. Skinner now laughs before grinding Maggs’ face into the mat. Skinner hits a shoulderbreaker but pulls up Maggs before the three count. SKinner then hits a piledriver and uses a nonchalant cover as Maggs is just able to get his shoulder up before the three count then Skinner uses an inverted DDT for the win (5:46).

Thoughts: They gave Maggs a chance for some shine here but he failed to impress. Skinner was doing TV jobs for a few weeks prior to SummerSlam and firmly established as a lower card talent. Just a win to remind us that he is on the roster I guess.


We now hear from Ric Flair live via satellite in Charlotte, NC. Duggan asks Flair why he has to cheat after calling him one of the greatest technical wrestlers in the world. Flair takes umbrage over being called “one” of the greatest then all of the panelists shout over each other. Disappointing consider they were hyping this up all week on TV.


“The Model” Rick Martel vs. Big Bossman

This is also from the 9/1 Superstars tapings. Its also featured on the “WrestleFest ’93” Coliseum Home Video release. Martel bails after Bossman uses a hip toss but sucker punches Bossman on the outside. Bossman fights back and takes the match back inside and works over Martel’s arm. Martel takes control after Bossman misses a charge in the corner as he also works the arm. Bossman cuts Martel off of the rope then rams Martel into all four corners of the ring. Martel grabs his atomizer then Bossman counters with his nightstick and after repeated warnings to drop both objects the ref rings the bell for a double DQ (6:04) 3/4*. Bossman ends up stomping the atomizer as Martel freaks out.

Thoughts: This was six minutes of boredom until the DQ finish. Bossman was not going to lose as he was in a feud with Nailz and they still were protecting Martel.


Shawn Michaels defeats Ross Greenberg in a match first shown on the 9/19 edition of “Superstars.”


Once again the panelists talk about Plan B in the studio. We now hear a crashing sound as Jameson enters and chokes until Duggan uses the heimlich.


Savage interview from Superstars airs where he forms the Ultimate Maniacs with Warrior.


Papa Shango vs. El Matador

This took place at Wembley Stadium during SummerSlam but not shown on the PPV. Shango attacks Matador from behind before the bell rang. Shango roughs up Matador in the corner but spends too much time taunting the crowd and misses a splash. Matador fires away and sends Shango through the ropes with a dropkick. Matador shoves Shango into the post then heads back inside with a flying clothesline that gets two. Matador gets another nearfall with a crossbody but walks into a throat thrust. Matador catches Shango with a sleeper as he jumped on his back but Shango runs Matador into the corner to break the hold. Shango headbutts Matador then uses a methodical pace to keep control but misses a top rope splash. Matador runs wild and signals for the flying forearm but that only gets two. Shango then runs Matador into the corner before hitting a reverse shoulderbreaker for the win (6:12) *.

Thoughts: Matador made this watchable as Shango put on a terrible performance. He was clumsy and seemed to mistimed a few spots near the end.


Natural Disasters vs. Iron Mike Sharpe & Doug Somers

This match was from the 8/11 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Nashville, TN. Sharpe fails at slamming Earthquake then gets slammed himself. The Disasters double-team their opponents then things settle down with Typhoon beating on Somers until the Disasters hit a pair of splashes for the win (4:49).

Thoughts: A long squash match to put over the Disasters. The crowd seemed to somewhat enjoy their double-team avalanche spots.


In the studio as the panel discusses who is more worthy of the Tag Team Title shot: Nasty Boys or Money Inc.


Sgt. Slaughter shows us a package on “Gilda’s Club,” named after Gilda Radner. It’s for those suffering from cancer. We see snippets from Gene Wilder, Jane Curtin, and others. Vince himself hosted a charity raffle.


Final Thoughts: This copy cut off the last half hour or so of the show but what I saw here was not particularly exciting. The focus was still on the title switch and formation of the Ultimate Maniacs which was already the theme of the syndicated shows.


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