NXT UK – November 14, 2018 (Second Episode)

Date: November 14, 2018
Location: NEC Arena, Birmingham, England
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

It’s tournament time as last week’s big announcement saw the creation of the NXT UK Women’s Title, which we do actually need around here for the sake of keeping things a little more interesting. We’re getting two tournament matches tonight so they’re certainly hitting the ground running. Let’s get to it.

We open with a look at the tournament and the women involved.

Opening sequence.

NXT UK Women’s Title Tournament First Round: Dakota Kai vs. Nina Samuels

Kai kicks her down to start and gets two off an early double stomp. Samuels kicks her leg off the middle rope though and a running knee to the back gets two. A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker is good for the same as Samuels is certainly staying focused. We hit the Gory Special until Kai reverses into a sunset flip for two of her own. Kai starts in with the kicks and it’s the Facewash in the corner. The Kairopractor is good for the pin on Samuels at 4:40.

Rating: D+. Was anyone expecting anything else? Samuels got to do a little bit here but Kai is one of the more popular names in the division and it would make no sense to have her lose in the first round. I doubt she wins the title, but at least whoever beats her will get a nice rub out of it.

Mark Andrews wants some gold. Flash Morgan Webster comes in and says he does too so a team is suggested. Webster is really bad at reading from a script. Andrews seems interested.

Ashton Smith isn’t going to be broken by his loss last week. Eddie Dennis comes in to mock him and a match seems to be set for next week.

Jake Constantino vs. Tyson T-Bone

Constantino doesn’t get an entrance but seems to be an amateur wrestler. T-Bone wants to prove he’s tough. Jake (must be related to Rico) gets shoved away to start and T-Bone splashes him from behind. A big running elbow gets two and the neck crank goes on. Constantino tries to fight up but gets punched in the face to cut him down. T-Bone finishes him with a lariat at 2:04.

Post match T-Bone asks if that’s the best this place has to offer. That was a joke. As he leaves, Dave Mastiff comes out for his match and staring ensues.

Dave Mastiff vs. Dan Moloney

Dan tries slugging away to start but makes the mistake of trying an Irish whip. That earns him a big dropkick from Mastiff as T-Bone is still watching. Mastiff hits a dead lift German suplex, followed by the Cannonball for the pin at 1:20. Total squash.

Sid Scala knows he needs to go back to the drawing board but wants one more opportunity. He’s going to ask Johnny Saint for that chance.

NXT UK Women’s Title Tournament First Round: Jinny vs. Millie McKenzie

The fans seem to be behind McKenzie as she works on Jinny’s arm, earning herself a slap from the free arm. A running back elbow drops Jinny, who backs up into the corner. That’s just a ruse though (what a villain) for a Downward Spiral into the middle buckle. The fans call Jinny a Primark (an inexpensive clothing store) Princess as the chinlock goes on.

Back up and Jinny gets a quick rollup into a surfboard (cool), sending Millie bailing to the ropes Millie fights up and hits a heck of a spear, followed by a better looking German suplex. Jinny is right back up with a Japanese armdrag, followed by a windup rolling Liger kick for the pin at 4:52.

Rating: C. Jinny has charisma and I could see her being a big star with the right vignettes. The fashionista thing isn’t going to work very well and given that she’s facing Toni Storm in the second round, I don’t expect to see her going very far. McKenzie wasn’t great but she definitely has potential and the fans reacted to her. That’s more than some people can get so she’s off to a good start.

We look back at Jordan Devlin calling out Ligero.

Video on Ligero.

Next week: Devlin vs. Ligero.

Zack Gibson vs. Trent Seven

Before the match, Gibson says he’ll be NXT UK’s number one soon. Gibson takes him down by the wrist as the fans has managed to get the fans to take their shoes off again. That’s switched off to an ankle twist as the fans are shouting something else now. Trent gets up and chops him to the floor with Gibson thinking about walking. Tyler Bate comes out to keep things in the arena, sending Gibson back inside for an uppercut to Seven.

A few more shots to the arm and face put Seven in trouble again, followed by a backdrop driver for two. Gibson suplexes him down by the arm but Seven starts getting up. Seven knocks him to the floor for a suicide dive, followed by a powerbomb for two back inside. Gibson fights out of a half crab but can’t reverse it into the Shankley Gates. Instead he settles for two off a belly to back suplex and it’s time to slug it out.

That goes to Seven, who catches Gibson with a swinging sitout slam for two. Gibson is right back with the middle rope Codebreaker for two of his own, followed by the Shankely Gates. Seven finally makes the rope, causing Gibson to yell at Bate. The Seven Star Lariat gives Trent two but here’s James Drake to jump Bate. The distraction lets Gibson grab a small package (with Drake offering some extra leverage) for the pin at 12:59.

Rating: B. Seven has grown on me more than almost anyone else on the show as he’s gone from someone I really didn’t like back in the day to one of the more reliable acts around. Having Gibson beat him is the right call as they have to build some people up and Gibson is most of the way there already. He could very easily be the top heel and is almost there already. Good match.

Post match Wolfgang and the Coffey Brothers come in and beat down Moustache Mountain to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. Definitely the better of the two shows this week thanks to a strong main event. They did a better job of getting people on the show this time and that’s a good idea as they still don’t have very many big names set up yet. Gibson is pretty much set, but they need to find a way to set people up other than having them face Moustache Mountain. The tournament starting is a good sign as well and thankfully it seems to be a short one. Things are starting to roll around here, even if the two hours a week is still a bad idea.


Dakota Kai b. Nina Samuels – Kairopractor

Tyson T-Bone b. Jake Constantino – Lariat

Dave Mastiff b. Dan Moloney – Cannonball

Jinny b. Millie McKenzie – Wind-up Liger kick

Zack Gibson b. Trent Seven – Small package

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