Bryan & Heyman & Lesnar

Two questions, one about in ring, one out of ring:

1) On SDLive Heyman shows up out of nowhere and name drops Bryan as the best guy on SD. This leads to Bryan challenging Styles, and WINNING the WWE Title while turning heel just before Styles date with Brock at Survivor Series.

Could this be a not so subtle way of setting up a Heyman/Bryan alliance. Bryan is the mold of a Heyman guy, it gives Paul access and the top guy on each show and they could even say it was Paul getting Brock away from AJ who was his biggest threat (possibly leading to Styles winning the Rumble and challenging Brock at mania)…

2) What is the real deal with Brock and Paul? Are they friends? Is Paul really his business manager? They’ve essentially worked together for 16 years on and off and he’s the only guy who is consistently around Brock?

1.  It was a thing that Bryan wanted to do because the babyface character was going nowhere.  I don't think there's any more thought or planning that went into it.
2.  Heyman was 100% his legit business manager as of Brock's initial UFC run.  As with everything related to Brock these days, I don't think anyone knows the real truth any more.  For instance, Meltzer has noted many times in the past few weeks that for all the leverage that Brock is using between UFC and WWE, the only thing he's actually done is enter into the drug testing pool.  He's signed no UFC contract and really it's only the Jon Jones and Daniel Cormiers of the world calling HIM out.  Brock has never actually said who or when he wants to fight.  Heyman might be smart, but Brock is a freakish super-genius.