What the World Was Watching: WCW Main Event – March 19, 1995

Eric Bischoff and Bobby Heenan are on commentary and they are live from Tupelo, Mississippi, the site of tonight’s Uncensored pay-per-view.  Heenan is still rattled from how Ric Flair snapped last night on WCW Saturday Night, which is replayed for the viewing audience.

Tony Schiavone interviews WCW Champion Hulk Hogan in the aisle.  Hogan mocks Vader’s taunt and says that Jimmy Hart is busy with the “ultimate surprise” backstage.  He then proceeds to go into his usual habit of promising to run wild on Vader tonight.

Opening Contest:  Alex Wright (21-0) pins Mark Starr with a reverse flying body press at 2:43:

Wright’s push through the lower midcard continues tonight as he debuts a new move, a thrust kick to cut off some of Starr’s early momentum.  Starr gets in a healthy amount of offense on the young German but he misses a flying knee drop and Wright capitalizes on that to win.

A video package hypes Meng’s training habits.

The camera crew shows the inside of the tractor trailer that Dustin Rhodes and the Blacktop Bully will be wrestling in tonight in their King of the Road match.

Steve Austin (3-0) beats Tim Horner after a superplex at 1:31:

Neither man gets an entrance as the action picks up right after a commercial break.  Colonel Robert Parker, Austin’s old manager, is shown in the aisle as Austin casually gives Horner a Stun Gun and opts to finish with a superplex.  After the match, Austin walks to the backstage area with Parker, a move that seems to be a step back for him in the company’s booking.

Hulk Hogan is “backstage” where a lot of stream is covering the background.  He says that Vader is chasing Jimmy Hart but evidently he has to give this big announcement instead of looking out for his manager.  Hogan tells Ric Flair and Vader that he does not have the Ultimate Warrior and that he has enlisted the services of a man called the Renegade, who he says is the “biggest, most powerful man” that he has seen in his life.  He promises that the Renegade, who is barely seen through the steam, will watch his back tonight.  WCW must have had a guilty conscience to do this announcement before the pay-per-view because there is no way this attracted any additional buys.

Dustin Rhodes and the Blacktop Bully are placed into cages as the tractor trailer carrying them begins to move outside of the “Tupelo” city limits.  Bischoff says that when they get out of Tupelo the cages will be opened and Rhodes and the Bully will begin fighting each other.  As noted before, this match was filmed prior to Uncensored so that WCW could improve how it was presented for a pay-per-view audience.

Stars & Stripes (9-4) defeat Dick Slater & Bunkhouse Buck (3-2) when Marcus Bagwell pins Slater with a fisherman’s suplex at 9:34:

Vader really hates Stars & Stripes as he interrupts another one of their matches, taking a microphone from Mike Tenay in the aisle and accusing Hulk Hogan of ducking him.  Vader has Jimmy Hart’s coat and says that is all that is left of him.  At least this time Vader does not attack the former tag team champions.  Slater and Buck wrestle with more energy than they have shown in any match in 1995, doing a good job keeping the Patriot and Bagwell on their toes with some timely cheating, aided by a bull rope that they place near their corner.  However, the Patriot prevents a double suplex by once again interjecting himself in a match before he is tagged in and the referee does nothing about it, thereby allowing Bagwell to catch Slater with his patented fisherman’s suplex to help Stars & Stripes win their tenth match of 1995.  Rating:  **

Schiavone interviews Randy Savage, who says he will do whatever it takes to defeat Avalanche tonight.

Bischoff and Heenan do one last hard sell for Uncensored!

The Last Word:  The main event was a pleasant surprise because Dick Slater and Bunkhouse Buck have had some horrible matches so far.  Giving Wright and Austin squash victories also kept both men relevant, although Austin seems to be going through a major identity crisis upon his return, using a bevy of finishers and then wrestling without a manager before realigning with Parker on this show.  The Renegade will seemingly take Jimmy Hart’s place by Hogan’s side in the main event but that has disaster written all over it because fans will not take kindly to the fact that he is not the Ultimate Warrior.

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