Tag challenge series


The tag challenge series is just amazing. 

Quick question.

Regarding the Awa during its dying days. Was it still drawing good ratings? It was on espn and before they were the machine that they were now, they needed all the content they could find. 

Also. And this may be a stupid question but if Verne signed his guys to contracts. Couldn’t that have stopped them from going to Vince?   I know that the business of wresting was iffy at best. But a contract is a contract right?

Ps. Can you just picture Vern and Greg having a conversation about how hip and with it wind breakers are?

Unfortunately Verne didn’t believe in contracts until it was too late.  Probably thought they’d steal his soul like that new fangled color TV.  
And as for whether they were drawing ratings on ESPN…noooooo. Lord no.  By the end the show was in the death slot and Verne was practically paying for the slot.  They got booted off in favour of GLOBAL for Pete’s sake!