Mid-South Wrestling – February 23, 1984

February 23, 1984

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Jim Ross

This week, the TV Title Tournament continues with Butch Reed vs. Jim Neidhart. Also in action are the Rock & Roll Express, Midnight Express, and the “ladies wrestlers.”


The Magnum TA “Sweet Dreams” video airs again.


Now, we see the contract signing for the North American Heavyweight Title match between Magnum and the Junkyard Dog. Mr. Wrestling II is standing behind his protege. Matchmaker Grizzy Smith presents the contract to Magnum and said there are so many people bidding on this match that a date and location have yet to be named. Jim Ross hosts and talks about the uniqueness of a scientific title match. Both men sign then shake hands but JYD has something to say. JYD mumbles about the belt being important and how it represents the entire Mid-South territory. Magnum then thanks JYD for the title shot as Mr. Wrestling paces with his head down. Ross asks Mr. Wrestling about his comments we saw last week and if he has changed. Mr. Wrestling has not changed then tells JYD they can both beat Magnum but that if JYD faced him then JYD would not be able to say he was cheated when he lost like he can with the likes of King Kong Bundy, Butch Reed, and the Russians. Mr. Wrestling continues to say everyone knows he can beat JYD then puts his mask on the line in a match against JYD and if he loses, not only will be remove his mask but he’ll also leave Mid-South for good. JYD says he will even fly to the arena with his own money to accept this match then Mr. Wrestling tells us that Magnum was a stupid, ignorant, punk until he coached him up and for that deserves the title shot. Magnum thanks Mr. Wrestling and says if he never had any ability then he’d have nothing to work with before saying Mr. Wrestling is making an ass out of himself. Mr. Wrestling slaps Magnum across the face and calls him out for not having any loyalty before leaving. JYD tells Magnum something that I can barely understand as Magnum said Mr. Wrestling did help him out and cannot retaliate against him and if this match will effect their friendship then it cannot happen as he leaves but not before tearing up the contract. Grizzly Smith now says that he’ll have to go back to Tampa and speak with the board about naming a new contender. The pissed off veteran stuff with Mr. Wrestling II is working and he was really good here but I thought Magnum came of weak. I get the fact Magnum is trying to still show respect due to being younger and thankful for Mr. Wrestling II’s help but he not only got slapped across the face but also gave up his title shot to stop any more friction between the two. Magnum also joked in his shoot interview about how he was always the one who took the brunt of everything when he teamed with Mr. Wrestling and that was certainly true. And JYD was incoherent more than half of the time he spoke. Anyway, we now need a new #1 contender and will find out how this impacts the Tag Team Title situation going forward.


Jim Cornette is in the ring and runs down Magnum for letting Mr. Wrestling hit him and says that Mid-South coddles their champions. Cornette then introduces the Midnight Express.


Joe Savoldi & George Weingeroff vs. Midnight Express w/ Jim Cornette

The Midnight Express work over Savoldi to start. They use quick tags to neutralize Savoldi in their corner then Condrey puts him away with a top rope slam (2:26).

Thoughts: Another brilliant squash match performance by the Midnight Express as they showed off the impeccable timing and smooth double-team moves.


Nikolai Volkoff vs. Steve Brinson

Volkoff has a hangman’s rope with him in the ring. Volkoff beats on Brinson then puts on a headlock and lands some more strikes before using the overhead backbreaker for the win (0:52).

Thoughts: Volkoff is out for vengeance after getting eliminated in seconds from the TV Title tournament courtesy of JYD.


Mixed Tag Match: Wendy Richter & “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel vs. Princess Victoria & “Leaping” Lanny Poffo

Victoria uses a pair of arm drags on Richter to start. Richter shoves Victoria down but Victoria trips her up then works the arm. The men tag in now as Poffo hits a pair of arm drags then uses a back drop for two. Poffo stays in control until Landel tags out then Richter dropkicks Victoria. Richter beats on Victoria as Ross tells us that Reed vs. Neidhart will take place next. Victoria fights back and runs wild but Landel makes a blind tag then drills Victoria with a forearm smash behind the ref’s back. Poffo is going nuts as Landel pretends that he is innocent. Ross questions whether Landel would do that on purpose then Richter covers for the win (3:21) *1/2.

Thoughts: Decent action while it lasted. A bit shocked they had Landel drill Victoria with a forearm smash and how Ross called it on commentary but it looked safe.


TV Title Tournament: “Hacksaw” Butch Reed vs. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

This match starts immediately when we come back from commercial as Reed attacks Neidhart. Reed hammers away but Neidhart fights back then hits a slam. Reed begs for mercy but Neidhart lands punches then bites Reed on the forehead. Neidhart uses mounted forearm smashes but soon after that Reed pokes the eye and regains control. Reed drops Neidhart throat-first across of the top rope then chokes him out after that. Reed hits a suplex for a nearfall then follows with a flying shoulder block but Neidhart is able to put his foot on the rope to break the count. Neidhart ducks an attack and hits a forearm smash then fires up and hits the Samoan Drop but Reed got his foot on the ropes. Both men collide and hit the mat as Ross is in all his glory calling this match. Reed then pulls a gimmick from his trunks and uses it to deck Neidhart and that gets the win (4:41) *3/4.

Thoughts: Clunky at times but fine for a match between former partners that now hate each other. This was it for Neidhart in Mid-South as he had a brief tour of New Japan in March before going to Memphis then Florida.


Rock & Roll Express vs. Tom Lentz & Jerry Gray

Once again the crowd is rabid for the Rock & Roll Express as they start off the match with fast-paced action. They stay in control until hitting a double dropkick for the win (1:43).

Thoughts: The Rock & Roll Express put on another impressive performance with fast-paced action and quick tags. Plus, they are incredibly over with the fans.


Krusher Darsow vs. Mike Jackson

Jackson ducks and attaack then fires away but Darsow catches a crossbody attempt and tosses him down. Darsow tosses Jackson around as the crowd makes noise because Terry Taylor has came out to the announcers table. Taylor is also with the R&R’s and says if Darsow wants to be part of the “Red Army” then they’ll take care of that now as they run into the ring and beat on Darsow for the DQ (0:55). Taylor then takes a bucket of red paint and brushes it all over Darsow’s chest then they all bail when Volkoff runs out as The Russians are fuming.

Thoughts: Running down for an attack and painting someone is a heel move but I guess since it plays into the Taylor/Russians feud and the fact there’s an anti-Russian. Anyway, it got over so expect this feud to continue.


The “Freeze Frame” video for Terry Taylor airs.


Taylor and the Rock & Roll Express are back at the announcers table. Ross asks Taylor why they painted Darsow as Taylor says he is tired of the Russians acting like they own the U.S. so they will stand up for themselves. Ross calls them “fine young Americans.”


Next week , Magnum TA will face Darsow in the tournament.


Final Thoughts: The big angle was the rift between Mr. Wrestling and Magnum as now we have to find another #1 contender to the North American Title. The TV Title tournament continues and newer acts such as the Midnight Express, Rock & Roll Express, and Terry Taylor continue to get pushed. The show continues to be focused and briskly paced, making for exciting TV.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Monday: WWF Prime Time Wrestling 9/14/92

Tuesday: WWF Superstars 9/19/92, WWF Wrestling Challenge 9/20/92

Wednesday: WWF Prime Time Wrestling 9/21/92

Thursday: WWF Superstars 9/26/92, WWF Wrestling Challenge 9/27/92

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Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 3/2/84