WWF Superstars – September 12, 1992

September 12, 1992

From the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, AL

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect


We are shown Randy Savage hobbling outside of the ring then see Razor Ramon kick out his leg. After that Savage is in the ring and Flair has the figure four on as Savage passes out and Flair wins and is now once again the champion. A huge shock that Savage lost the title already but with Razor calling out Savage and Flair seemingly headed to a feud with Warrior its not that surprising.


Back to the hosts as Perfect is gloating over the fact Flair is once again the World Heavyweight Champion.


Razor Ramon vs. Gary Jackson

Razor beats on Jackson as the announcers talk about the Flair vs. Savage match, which Vince says we can see in its entirety on “Prime Time Wrestling.”Razor then hits a back suplex as Vince said that Razor humiliated Savage after he lost the title then Razor uses a crucifix powerbomb for the win (2:36). After the match, Razor walks up the aisle and sees the replay of the finish and says no one will beat him but Vince says that Savage will in fact be the one to beat Razor.

Thoughts: The big news here is that we can see this title match in its entirety on Prime Time (I’ll have that recap posted Monday). Also, the company really is intent on pushing Razor strong and based on the character being awesome and the fact the heel side is weak, it was the right decision.


Gene Okerlund is in the empty arena in Hershey, PA where Savage lost the title. We see a clip of an interview with Savage that Razor interrupts to say that he wears the gold and promises to take away Savage’s gold. Razor then says that he oozes machismo while Savage needs lessons in machismo and after that he flicks his toothpick at Savage. We then see Savage bend over and pick up the toothpick and tells Razor he dropped it before slugging Razor in the face. That interview was shown in its entirety on Prime Time. We then see that Savage was hobbling at the start of his match and had to fend off not just Flair but also Perfect and Razor and could not overcome his knee injury. We also see Razor destroy Savage’s knee then slap him across the face repeatedly once the match ended. After Razor leaves we see Warrior carry Savage backstage in his arms. Razor is then shown backstage telling Savage he does not too macho now and is just the dirt underneath his fingernails.


Natural Disasters vs. Doug Somers & Joe Turner

The Disasters work over Turner as we see an insert on “WWF Magazine” and the article on the Natural Disasters. Perfect talks about Flair’s celebration party but Vince says that Jack Tunney will name the #1 contender soon and it’ll likely be Warrior as the Disasters hit a pair of splashes on Turner for the win (2:26). After the match the Disasters say they will be champions for a long time.

Thoughts: Based off of commentary they are setting up for a Warrior/Flair program for the title. It seems like a given after how everything has played out. And despite being champions the Disasters were not focused on here.


Papa Shango vs. Justin Taylor

Vince tells us that Bret Hart and the Bulldog have made up and that the family is back to being together. The announcers talk about Bret vs. Bulldog being one of the greatest matches ever as Vince mockingly says it was not as good as the match in Hershey, PA and calls it a “massacre.” Papa Shango beats on Taylor for a while as Vince wonders if he did in fact put a curse on Bret. Shango stays in control then hits a reverse shoulderbreaker for the win (2:21).

Thoughts: Looks like we are going to get more of this talk about Shango putting a curse on Bret to set up that feud.


Big Bossman vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Vince attributes ICOPRO to Bossman’s dominance since returning. Bossman and Sharpe fight over a lockup as Vince promises we will hear from Flair backstage in Hershey. Bossman leg drops Sharpe in the midsection then Sharpe ducks out for a breather. The announcers talk about Nailz vs. Bossman as Bossman goes out and decks Sharpe before rolling him back inside. Bossman stays in control then hits a sidewalk slam for the win (3:23).

Thoughts: The build to Bossman vs. Nailz continues but the longer they drag it out the less interest there is for the eventual match.


Back to Hershey, PA as Flair & Perfect are celebrating. Flair dumps a glass of champagne over his head then Heenan comes in as they all say “we told you so” with regards to their plan B. Razor joins in and they all laugh over what happened to Savage. An amusing, typical heel celebration from this era.


Greg Brown & Red Tyler vs. Nasty Boys w/ Jimmy Hart

Vince once again mentions how the Flair vs. Savage match will be shown on “Prime Time Wrestling.” The Nasty Boys beat down Tyler as Vince believes that the Ultimate Warrior will become the next champion and that Savage will prove to Razor that he has the machismo. We actually head to break then return as the Nasty Boys stay in control. Sags dumps Brown then soon after that the Nasty Boys hit a double DDT for the win (3:30).

Thoughts: Odd to see a commercial break take place in the middle of a generic TV squash match but it did here. The Nasty Boys used a new finisher here too. But the main focus was hyping up the fact you can watch the entire title match on Prime Time.


Next week in action are Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and the featured match of The Mountie vs. Tatanka. Plus, an interview with Randy Savage.


Vince once again tells us to see the Flair vs. Savage match on Prime Time then the bell rings as the Undertaker’s music hits. Another new production wrinkle has we have a match after the run down for next week’s show.


The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer vs. Pat Rose

Undertaker beats on Rose as Vince talks about the Undertaker/Kamala feud. Undertaker stays in control then hits a tombstone for the win (2:10).

Thoughts: The Undertaker/Kamala program continues although it has not been particularly exciting.


Final Thoughts: Huge news about the title switch as we appear to be moving on to Warrior/Flair and Razor/Savage as the top programs. They also added a few new production wrinkles and we have a featured match for next week too as the company moves away from SummerSlam and starts to set up programs for the Fall.