Team Challenge debut show

Scott, I bow down to your smarkiness and thank you for reviewing one of the greatest shows ever. A few questions/observations:

1 Greg Gagne seemed to enjoy more-than-metrosexual-Ralph's company very much

2 worst fake crowd noise ever? Sweetums couldn't have made the sweetening sweeter

3 Verne didn't have the cash for the silicone girls I see. All-natural, like the good ole times!

4 Greg wasn't half bad on color. Good voice, some insight for the different characters, tried to explain/observe everything in a logical way so everyone can follow! What do you say?

5 so sad that Lynn and Destruction Crew were wasted here. If they didn't live in Minnesota I think they would have ignored the Gagne calls

6 did Hawk & Animal ever give Bloom & Enos a receipt/advice for using their finisher?

1.  I can neither confirm nor deny, but in all fairness, Satellite HQ looked about as big as a broom closet and confinement makes men do crazy things.

2. It has to rank as the worst because there was literally no crowd.

3. Fake crowd, natural boobs.  No wonder he went out of business.

4. Greg wasn't the worst part of the show, that's for sure.

5. A payday is a payday, I guess.

6. I'm guessing no.