Fwd: Scott Casey: WTF?!?

Time for Survivor Series '88, Scott! Teams of Five Strive to Survive!

What in the holy mother of ass was Scott Casey doing on the Duggan/Roberts team? It's 1988: Vince has a billion people under contract. They really needed to reserve a PPV spot for a Superstars job guy? Was he a sub for somebody injured? Was there this strong 1988 Scott Casey push that I've blocked from memory?

Also, the Doomiverse has called to my attention that this e-mail requires a 1980s Survivor Series ending. Would you prefer clothesline, powerslam, or sunset flip? Also, if you're "not feeling it", the e-mail can brawl down the aisle for a double count-out.

It was just a last minute injury sub.  I can't even remember who he was replacing.  

And I always opt for the clothesline and feet on the ropes finish.