Friday Night Party Thread: November 9, 2018

We made it!

So I decided to break down and watch the Team Challenge Series video.  I’m one match in as I type this and HOLY COW THIS IS UNINTENTIONAL COMEDY GOLD.  Two things no one mentioned: first, the slow motion contains sounds that try to make the impact epic but are just sloppy; second, Tom Burton becomes the first person in wrestling history to call for a timeout and RECEIVE it.  I have never seen that happen (except in matches where the stipulations allowed it)!

I have a feeling this deserves to be sent to Rifftrax immediately.

Lots of sportsball on tonight.  For football fans, we have Louisville getting murdered by Syracuse.  For hoops fans, Arkansas and Texas are playing in El Paso at a military base.  Tomorrow’s College GameDay Game of the Week is Clemson and Boston College.  Myself, I’ll be watching my Duke team crush North Carolina.

Enjoy the weekend!