rebooking Halloween

Hey Scott,

  As much as you love to get questions about rebooking Starcade 89, Montreal & the Invasion, here's a new challenge for all the junior Russos, VKMs & Dustys, etc, if you will. Since the Halloween 2018 movie opening was well over a couple of week ago, this is perfect timing.

Halloween, Alien, Predator & others have a similar storyline/plot structure. They are good for a main event PPV or 2, but the story gets old & repetitive & they quickly slide down the card.

How do you book Halloween so it's a main event PPV every 2 or 3 years?

If you give Michael Meyers a clean pinfall loss, he loses heat and is not much of a threat.
If you have Michael Meyers win every time, that also loses heat & the audience loses interest, ala HHHHH's Reign Of Terror ™.
How do you keep the match-ups fresh and the audience wanting more?

Halloween 2018 has done well, but the history of the Halloween franchise shows the rematches usually do not do as well.

What do you think?

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Never watched any of the Halloween movies, except for Halloween 3 (the one without Michael Myers) because my girlfriend at the time wanted to watch it, so I have no idea.