1997 Bret vs. Austin

Hey Scott,

I was all about Nitro at the time, but your fresh reviews of 1997 have convinced me that I was watching the wrong show that year. Could a master wordcraftsman like yourself articulate my thoughts about something?

Bret left Austin marinating in his own blood at Wrestlemania to kill the anti-hero we Muricans had come to respect. Later, Austin left Canadian Stampede in handcuffs to a Canada-sized pop. Then he ambushed the Harts during the anthem the next night on
Raw. Yet you wanted to cheer for him later that night against HHH?

Was it that the Bret/Shawn feud was legit while the Bret/Austin feud was more symbolic? I actually get what you're saying, but I can't put this weird dynamic into words, especially given how uniquely special someone like Austin is. Can you?

I'll hang up and listen.

Any other night and the crowd is 100% willing to cheer Austin.  It was just a weird show the night after a super-patriotic PPV where Canadian fans finally had someone speaking a viewpoint that wasn’t often expressed in popular culture.