WWF SummerSlam ’92

August 29, 1992

From Wembley Stadium in London, England. This ended up airing on PPV two days later on August 31st.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan

We see a bunch of kids saying whose corner Mr. Perfect will be in during the main event.


Money Inc. w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Legion of Doom w/ Paul Ellering & Rocco

DiBiase comes out in a white suit that looks awesome and has matching white trunks. IRS calls out the fans for being tax cheats and relying on the Royal Family to pick up the slack. The LoD & Ellering come out on motorcycles with Heenan yelling out “the dummy is driving the bike!” The crowd is jacked for this show. DiBiase chops Hawk a few times then bails after Hawk reversed an Irish whip. Animal attacks DiBiase from behind and rolls him back inside as Hawk clotheslines him back out. Animal and IRS are in now as Animal takes control. Animal hits a press slam as the LoD take control. IRS catches Hawk with a sleeper as the camera shows Rocco chanting for Hawk. We see Hawk get out but miss a flying clothesline and ends up dumping outside. Money Inc. cuts off the ring and takes control of the match for a while. Hawk blocks a pair of suplexes and keeps moving closer to Hawk and makes a tag but IRS was able to distract the ref. Hawk and IRS clothesline each other as both men are down. Animal tags in and runs wild on DiBiase. IRS attacks from behind but Animal hits a double clothesline then the match breaks down. The LoD set up for the Doomsday Device but IRS makes the save. IRS gets up on the apron but Animal reverses an Irish whip and sends DiBiase into his partner then catches him on the rebound with a powerslam for the win (12:00) *.

Thoughts: As far as the match is concerned, it had a basic formula but wrestled in a really uninspired manner. DiBiase looked like he did not want to be there and Hawk was whacked out on pills (According to Animal, Hawk was popping them in the locker room). The crowd was hot but this match was garbage. Hawk quit after the show and actually stayed behind in England to hang around with the Hell’s Angels and he has been on record stating that Vince fucked them over on money and constantly lied.  On the plus side, it was the end of Rocco. The LoD had one more televised match on the 9/4 “Superstars.”


Gene Okerlund is backstage with Ric Flair. He asks him about the corner Mr. Perfect will be in as Okerlund says this could be the most controversial match in WWF history. Flair smiles and does not reveal whose corner Perfect will be in and his whereabouts. Flair says Perfect is in the dressing room of the winner.


Sean Mooney is in the locker room with Virgil, who is shadowboxing to prepare for his match against Nailz. Virgil then says he’s survived the toughest streets in the world and the toughest is at Wembley Stadium before screaming “you gotta want it, man.” Virgil also says he is “too legit to quit.” Good lord was this promo lame.


Nailz vs. Virgil

Virgil fires away then staggers Nailz with a clothesline and a dropkick but ends up getting backed into the corner. Virgil’s sunset flip failed but he blocked a punch then used a quick rollup for one in a messy sequence. Nailz rushes Virgil and dumps him outside where he heads out and rams his head off of the apron. Nailz finally rolls Virgil back inside where Virgil fights back. Nailz eats boot on a charge but catches Virgil with a clothesline then catches him in a choke hold for the win (3:55) 1/4*. After the match, Nailz grabs the nightstick and rams it into Virgil’s ribs before choking him out on the mat.

Thoughts: Virgil showed fire when given the chance but this was a showcase for Nailz. And speaking of Nailz, he came off as a clumsy oaf instead of a dangerous psycho. Plus, why even have this without Bossman running out for the save at the end? They spent time on TV saying Virgil was Bossman’s friend and when Virgil is getting his ass kicked after the match Bossman is nowhere to be found.


We see Lord Alfred Hayes trying to find Mr. Perfect. He is outside of Randy Savage’s dressing room and unsure if Perfect is in there or not but says the door is locked.


Sensational Sherri is with Okerlund. She is all smiles then Okerlund asks her about winking at Rick Martel and why she made the stipulations where neither man can hit each other in the face. Sherri says she sees neither reason why they should hurt each other because of their faces and physiques. Sherri then says she is standing right by her man as Shawn’s voice is heard saying “let’s go.”


“The Model” Rick Martel vs. Shawn Michaels w/ Sensational Sherri

Sherri’s outfit is quite revealing as we see here ass in a thong. Shawn taunts Martel to punch him in the face. They start off with an Irish whip sequence that ends in a stalemate. Shawn dropkicks Martel in the face then looks over to Sherri for approval but ends up getting attacked from behind. Shawn ducks a crossbody then works the arm for a bit. Both men switch off on the arm and threaten to hit each other in the face then Martel tosses Shawn outside. Sherri checks over Shawn as the camera focuses on her ass. Martel heads out and taps Sherri’s shoulder then takes her hand and gives her a hug. Sherri smiles then Martel attacks Shawn and rolls him back inside. Martel targets the back but whiffs on a clothesline and that triggers a reverse rollup sequence where each man pulls the tights down enough to expose their ass. Shawn hits a super kick to the gut that gets two then gets his knee up to block a charge and puts his feet on the ropes for leverage but the ref caught him. Shawn and Martel get in each other’s faces then slap each other in the face. Sherri is up on the apron yelling then faints on the apron. Shawn checks on Sherri, who rolls to the floor, as Vince wants to know if she had a heart attack. Martel pushes Shawn out of the way and performs CPR on Sherri and that triggers another shoving match ending with Shawn punching Martel in the face. Shawn continues to punch in the face and they both brawl up the aisle as we see that Sherri is watching this take place from the ground then both men get counted out (7:05) *1/2. Sherri then goes back to the ground after watching them punch each other as Vince thinks she has not actually fainted. Shawn heads back to Sherri and ends up carrying here backstage over his shoulder while several officials are holding Martel back. The announcers make puns to describe Sherri’s exposed ass but Martel runs down the aisle and decks Shawn as Sherri falls and Martel now picks up Sherri. However, Shawn attacks Martel from behind and Sherri dumps again as Shawn once again picks up Sherri to head backstage but Martel comes back with a bucket and gets the fans behind him before dumping the water on Sherri. Heenan screams how Sherri is now alive as Shawn chases Martel backstage then Sherri screams before running.

Thoughts: There were some nice sequences in the ring and all but man was the story of this match dumb. The no hitting in the face stipulation was stupid, especially since it did not factor into anything other than Sherri fainting because they threatened to hit each other. Also, Shawn hitting a dropkick at the beginning of the match apparently did not count as hitting in the face. Speaking of Sherri, she sure did take some painful-looking bumps after the match. Looks like a feud between these two will continue.


Sean Mooney is with the Nasty Boys & Jimmy Hart. Nasty Boys laugh over what happened to Sherri but become pissed off when reminded about not being part of the Tag Title match at the PPV because they should be the number #1 contenders after beating Savage & Warrior. Nasty Boys then ask Hart if they have a title shot but he says Money Inc. does before mentioning Nasty Boys will get one too. Seems like the seeds are planted for the Nasty Boys to turn on Hart as they are likely getting passed over for a title shot.


WWF Tag Team Title Match: Beverly Brothers w/ The Genius vs. Natural Disasters (c)

The Genius’s promo talks about the Beverly Brothers being the future champs. The Beverly Brothers attack from behind but the Disasters quickly take control. Things settle down as Typhoon is in their with Blake. Blake avoids an elbow drop but fails to slam Typhoon as Typhoon fell on top for a two count. The Beverly Brothers outsmart the Disasters as Typhoon’s leg was held as Earthquake accidentally splashed his own partner. The Beverly Brothers double-team Typhoon as Heenan alerts us that Shawn Michaels has left Wembley Stadium. We get more double-team moves from the Beverly Brothers as Heenan asks Vince if its “Tugboat” or “Typhoon.” The Beverly Brothers continue to cut the ring in half and use illegal tactics behind the ref’s back. Blake hits two on a jumping headbutt then works a front facelock. We get more double-teaming by the Beverlys unil Typhoon hits a double clothesline. Blake cuts off a tag attempt but Typhoon catches his crossbody. However, the ref is distracted as Beau hits a missile dropkick to put his partner on top of Typhoon as that gets two. Typhoon tosses Blake then Genius slips Blake his scroll as Beau distracts Earthquake. Blake uses the scroll then covers but Earthquake breaks that up with an elbow drop. Both legal men are out on the mat and Typhoon finally tags out as Earthquake runs wild on Beau. Earthquake runs through both men then Blake gets dumped and after that Beau is put away with a sit-down splash (10:25) **. After the match, The Genius is tossed over the top rope by the champs.

Thoughts: Truthfully, this match was worked about as well as possible. The Disasters were woefully miscast as faces but Typhoon did a better job of selling than I expected and the Beverly Brothers double-team stuff looked solid so it wasn’t bad at all if you ask me. The fans were into the Disasters too. Now it looks like the Disasters will face Money Inc. again.


Okerlund is now backstage with The Bushwhackers. They are having a great time at SummerSlam then Okerlund tells Luke someone is trying to sell him a London Bridge and says to Butch that the royal family is bringing him to dinner at Buckingham Palace. A dumb comedy segment.


Lord Alfred is backstage in front of the Ultimate Warrior’s dressing room. He thinks Perfect is inside and will breach is own ethics and open the door for a surprise but the door is immediately shut. Lord Alfred says that does not mean Perfect is inside but that it was an act of rudeness.


Repo Man vs. Crush

Crush shrugs off a sneak attack then hits Repo Man with a press slam. Repo Man bails but Crush runs out and takes him down with a clothesline. Back inside, Crush beats on Repo Man all over the ring as Vince tells us that the World Title match is taking place next. Repo Man hits a back suplex as Heenan says he does not even know which corner Perfect will be in but Crush fights back and hits a backbreaker. Crush heads up top and misses a knee drop but gets up despite Repo Man attacking him. Repo Man pokes the eye and goes back to punching away then uses a mat slam for a two count as he is shoved outside on the kickout. Repo Man heads up top but Crush catches him with a powerslam then breaks up the pin and uses the head vice for the win (4:03) 1/2*.

Thoughts: A quick squash match win to give Crush some momentum. Repo Man’s character was getting a ton of TV time and this loss would make you believe that would be ending soon. This match was apparently not shown on the UK PPV version of the show.


We get a recap of the Savage/Warrior feud then Okerlund introduces us to the main event.


WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: Ultimate Warrior vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage (c)

Warrior comes out first and is alone as Heenan says we now know that Savage has bought Perfect’s services. However, Savage comes out alone as Heenan says something must be up and believes one of these guys is using a decoy. Savage extends his hand as the crowd goes nuts. Warrior pauses then shakes but they pull each other and get physical before taking off their jackets. Warrior is sporting a singlet and a smaller physique, a theme of this show. They lockup and Warrior eventually shoves Savage but Savage comes back with a knee smash and a pair of clotheslines. Savage comes off the top with a double ax handle but Warrior punches him in the gut then hits an atomic drop. Warrior gets a two count with a clothesline but misses an elbow drop as Savage now punches away. Savage slows things down with a chinlock but Warrior breaks that with a stunner. Warrior uses a mat slam that gets two before sending Savage into the corner. Warrior stomps a mudhole into Savage before getting a two count with another clothesline. Savage yanks Warrior by the tights into the ropes then clotheslines him over the top rope. Savage brings Warrior inside then heads up top for a double ax handle but Warrior pumps up so Savage tries it again and gets a two count. Savage goes back up yet again but Warrior catches him and hits a backbreaker for two. Warrior whips Savage into the corner a few times and hits a side slam for two as Heenan says Perfect would not lie to him and expects him to appear in someone’s corner. Warrior ducks his head for a back drop but Savage turns that into a swinging neckbreaker that gets two. Savage tries to suplex Warrior but his back gives out. Warrior targets the back then hits a vertical suplex for a nearfall but fails to clothesline Savage and spills outside. Savage flies out with a double ax handle and after that sends Warrior into the post. Savage rolls Warrior back inside as we see Flair & Perfect head down the aisle. Savage and Warrior trade pinfalls before Warrior hits a slam. Warrior sets up for a splash but Savage got his knees up as both men are down. They get up and we get a double clothesline. Savage is up first and gets on top of Warrior for two. Savage bounces off of the ropes but Perfect trips him up as the announcers say that Warrior has sold out. Savage yells at Perfect & Flair but walks into a roundhouse right by Warrior then is dropped with a lifting choke hold. Warrior then accidentally whips Savage into the referee before hitting a slam. Warrior heads up top and hits a double ax handle and covers but the ref is staggering around. The ref is finally up and covers but it only gets two as the announcers are still believing that Warrior paid Perfect. Savage hits Warrior from behind with a high knee but that sends the ref outside. Savage then piledrives Warrior and heads out to get the ref back inside but Perfect came into the ring and held up Warrior so Flair can knock him down. Savage is back in and has no clue about what just happened to Warrior and sets up for the flying elbow drop. Savage connects but the ref crawls over and counts very slowly and just gets two. Perfect & Flair huddle as Heenan predicts something big will happen as Warrior is now hulking up. Warrior hits a few clotheslines then a flying shoulder tackle. Warrior signals for a press slam and drops Savage but Flair whacks Warrior from behind with a chair after Perfect swiped his arm in an attempt to trip Warrior up. Savage looks around at Flair and Perfect and knows something is up as Vince says that Savage has figured out what’s going on. Savage is up top and looks at Warrior but turns around and flies towards Flair but misses as Flair hit him with the chair in the knee then Savage gets counted (26:18) ****. After the match, Flair & Perfect target Savage’s knee then Flair slaps on the figure four as Perfect keeps punching Savage in the face. Warrior rolls himself outside as Vince screams about someone needing to stop this as Warrior limps from behind and steals the chair from Flair and chases off both men. Warrior grabs the chair and heads to the ring as Vince says Savage might have blown out his knee. Vince then says both Warrior and Savage our champions for not selling out as Warrior is announced the winner via count out. Warrior takes the belt and heads back into the ring to give it to Savage. Warrior picks Savage back up and puts the belt over Savage’s corner as they both celebrate with the fans.

Thoughts: Excellent match but a notch below their classic at WrestleMania VII. The story was how at the end, neither Savage or Warrior acquired Perfect’s services and they realized it was all just Flair & Perfect playing mind games all along. Savage also had his knee hurt and was limping around after the match so expect that to be played up going forward especially since they were building towards Flair getting a title shot.  And with Flair’s figure-four finishing move it seems clear that a Warrior vs. Flair title feud is in the works going forward.


Okerlund is in the locker room with Flair & Perfect. Okerlund is pissed as Perfect says the deal was between Flair and himself then Flair goes off about how he deserved the title shot. Flair closes this out by saying the belt is coming back to him. They played up how Plan A was trying to get Savage or Warrior to pay them off but when that failed they went with Plan B. Now we have to wait to see what this Plan B is all about.


Kamala w/ Harvey Whippleman & Kimchee vs. The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer

Before the match, Whippleman threatened to slap ring announcer Howard Finkel over perceived sarcasm. Bearer walks out holding the urn while Undertaker is driven out in a hearse. Kamala’s sneak attack failed as Undertaker hammers away in the corner. Undertaker chokes out Kamala then avoids an avalanche before hitting his ropewalk attack. Kimchee tries to distract Undertaker from the apron but that did not work. Undertaker tries another ropewalk attack but Kamala pulls him down. Kamala clotheslines Undertaker outside where Undertaker lands on his feet and chokes out Kimchee & Whippleman until Kamala makes the save. Kamala beats on Undertaker then takes the match back inside but Undertaker hits a chokeslam. Undertaker follows with a clothesline then picks up Kamala for the tombstone but Kimchee runs in and attacks Undertaker for the DQ (3:40) 1/4*. Undertaker knocks Kimchee outside but Kamala attacks from behind. Kamala stays on the attack and goes up to the middle rope and hits a splash. Kimchee tells Kamala to head up top and Kamala hits another splash. Kamala leaves with Kimchee & Whippleman but Undertaker sits up. Kamala is petrified and heads up the aisle, even falling down, as Undertaker & Bearer walk after them.

Thoughts: The match was crappy but this was all just a way to build towards a rematch. Kamala’s facial reactions to Undertaker sitting up were priceless though.


Mooney is in the locker room with British Bulldog and asks him about the family pressures. Bulldog said he did not make this match, Jack Tunney did, and he fought too hard over the past couple of years to turn down this opportunity. Bulldog then said he can hope the family can reunite when the match ends because he’s going into this match pretending that he has never met Bret Hart. Bulldog says wrestling in front of all these people is a dream and another dream is to become the IC champion. Up until this point, and possibly ever, it was Bulldog’s best promo.


Okerlund is with Bret and asks him about family pressure. Bret then says he works well under family pressure and wants Bulldog to look himself into the face and say he does not know him and how he even introduced him to his sister and helped him out with his career. Bret says Bulldog’s dream will turn into a nightmare and will think he woke up in the dungeon…of Windsor Castle. Not exactly the promo of Bret’s career.


SummerSlam Hotline plug.


We get the Highlanders to play the bagpipes. Roddy Piper comes out to surprise us and plays for a bit.


Mooney is in the crowd with Diana Hart Smith. She says the match will be difficult to watch and have always competed hard against each other. Diana is worried they will destroy each other then when asked who will win she does not care who wins because family bond is the most important.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: British Bulldog vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart (c)

Lennox Lewis lead Bulldog to the ring. Bret kisses his title belt before handed it to the referee as Heenan wonders if he is just kissing it or kissing it goodbye. We get a staredown that turns into shoving. Bulldog shoves Bret into the corner as Vince talks about this match tearing a family apart while Heenan says its all about titles and money. Bulldog knocks Bret outside after an Irish whip sequence then Bret heads back inside and works a side headlock on the mat. Bret uses a small package for two before going back to the headlock. Bret works the arm but Bulldog reverses then the camera shows a worried Diana Hart-Smith in the crowd. Bulldog catches Bret then slingshots him into the corner before going back to the arm. Bulldog gets a nearfall with a crucifix and goes back to the arm after a struggle as this crowd is jacked. We get an insert of Diana as Bulldog maintains an armbar after rolling through a slam but Bret reverses and uses a chinlock. Bulldog tries another crucifix but Bret turns that into a Samoan Drop for a two count then goes back to the chinlock. Bulldog comes back with a monkey flip after an Irish whip sequence then sends Bret into the corner twice but ends up eating boot on a charge. Bret hits a running bulldog from the corner then heads up top but is slammed off. Bulldog heads up top for a splash it seems but Bret rolled away as Bulldog crashes and burns awkwardly on the mat. Bret slams Bulldog’s face off of the mat then flies out with a pescado as Diana looked terrified. Bret rams Bulldog into the post before rolling him back inside where he gets a two count with a Russian leg sweep. Bret hits a few uppercuts then takes Bulldog off of his feet with a dropkick. Bret uses a chinlock as Vince talks about the Lewis vs. Riddick boxing match. Bret gets two with a suplex and goes back to the chinlock. Bulldog manages a backslide for two but Bret goes back on the attack as we once again see an insert of Diana looking worried. Bret gets a nearfall with a flying elbow drop then hammers away and gets booed as he becomes more aggressive. Bret catches Bulldog with a sleeper hold then Bulldog finally reaches the ropes but Bret maintains the hold. Bret finally releases but stomps away before applying another sleeper. We get yet another insert of Diana who has the same look on her face each time as the fans get behind the Bulldog. The ref raises Bulldog’s arm but Bulldog is able to get up and ram Bret into the corner. However, Bret is able re-apply the hold so Bulldog rams him into the corner again as Bret is down. They slug it out then Bulldog catches Bret with a press slam and just dumps him on the ropes. Bulldog hits a few clotheslines but that only gets two. Press slam gets two. Delayed vertical suplex gets two. Bulldog whips Bret into the corner for another nearfall then Bulldog signals for a running powerslam and hits that but Bret is just able to kick out as the crowd is in disbelief. Vince wonders what Bulldog has to do to win the championship as Bret is knocked onto the apron. Bret floats over on a suplex then hits a bridging German suplex for a nearfall. Bulldog places Bret up top for a superplex and hits that as the crowd goes nuts but Bret is able to kick out. We get a double clothesline spot then Bret tries to apply the sharpshooter from the mat and ends up rolling Bulldog over and putting it on but Bulldog reaches the ropes as Diana is now crying. Bret hammers away and tries a sunset flip but Bulldog blocks that and rolls Bret up for the win and the Intercontinental Title as the Stadium erupts (25:13) ****1/2. Diana is clapping as Bulldog looks down at the IC Title belt. Bret looks devastated as he sits on the mat while Vince calls him one of the greatest IC Champions of all-time. Bulldog extends his hand then Bret gets up and is about to leave but paces in the corner a Diana is back to crying again. Bulldog once again offers his hand then Bret accepts and hugs his brother in-law as the two celebrate. Diana comes in and hugs both men then they all hug as Vince talks about the show being great. Fireworks go off as all three raise their hands as Vince says he hopes we enjoyed the drama and spectacle.

Thoughts: A perfect way to end the show. Bulldog was incredibly over and Bret played heel as the match went on and speaking of Bret, he did a masterful job in this match. Bulldog was also reportedly strung out on crack after going on a binge with Jim Neidhart then proceeded to forget the match that Bret had laid out so Bret called everything in the ring. The shots of Diana were a bit much but the celebration at the end made for a classic moment.


Final Thoughts: This really was a two match show but they were awesome and the IC Title match was an all-time classic. The atmosphere was great and the fans had tons of energy. This show did not translate into financial success though but it was satisfying from a fan’s perspective. And the Tatanka vs. Berzerker match was never aired on the PPV but shown on “Prime Time Wrestling.” Do yourself a favor and check out the two singles title matches.