What are your thoughts on the Network getting the WWC library? Don't remember hearing much about that territory back in the day or any classic matches? 

And besides the TNA library that has some good to great matches they can pillage from, what library is their left for them to get?  

(I'm still waiting for them to drop the OVW footage especially when Heyman was running it)

Can't wait to see those hidden gems featuring Bruiser Brody getting murdered in the locker room!
But anyway, it's a very different style territory and I'm not sure what the quality was like, to be honest.  I don't feel like a lot of the bloodbath stuff is gonna make the Network.  
Otherwise, there's still tons of Memphis footage in legal limbo, Georgia Championship Wrestling (if it's even available), maybe the early Randy Savage ICW stuff?  I wanna say they already have anything that's currently legally available to them and actually for sale (so no TNA / ROH / etc) and the rest of the gaps are due to tapes just not being available or lost.  I don't know of a lot of significant gaps where they're actually able to get the footage, unless you're counting stuff like the Bruce Tharpe NWA library.