NXT UK – November 7, 2018 (Second Episode)

Date: November 7, 2018
Location: Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, England
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

Just in case you haven’t had enough from this taping cycle yet. It’s the second of two shows today and that could mean a variety of things. Pete Dunne successfully defended his United Kingdom Title last week against Danny Burch so he’s going to need a new challenger. We’re not quite there yet though so they must have something else on tap for this one. Let’s get to it.

Earlier today, the Coffeys and Wolfgang came to work.

Opening sequence.

Congratulations to Toni Storm for winning the Mae Young Classic. We get a quick clip of the finals.

Toni Storm vs. Dakota Kai

They lock up to start with Kai driving her into the corner for a clean break. A handshake seems to suggest that things are ok but they both try kicks to the ribs, both of which are caught. Kai kicks her down for two but Storm is right back with an uppercut as we hear about Storm’s time in Japan. An STF goes on for a long time until Kai makes the rope and gets back up for another slugout.

Stereo headbutts give us a double knockdown but Kai is there with two more kicks. A snap German suplex sends Kai into the corner but she runs to the other corner for a kick to the head. The bicycle kick rocks Storm, who shrugs it off for some running knees in the corner. Storm Zero finishes Kai at 7:17.

Rating: C. The ending wasn’t exactly in doubt as Kai never wins anything and Storm is likely to be one of the big stars of the division. Storm has some of the best star power I’ve seen in a good while and it makes sense to have her win in the first match. Just get her some competition though, as it’s not like there isn’t a full tournament roster to pick from.

They shake hands post match and here’s Jinny to jump Kai from behind. This is her NXT. Welcome to the club.

Zack Gibson vs. Amir Jordan

Jordan dances to the ring. Gibson goes straight to the arm and slaps Jordan in the face. Jordan comes back with a wristlock of his own and some dancing, followed by a blocked sunset flip. With Gibson shouting that Jordan has no chance, the fans suggest standing up if you hate Gibson. More arm cranking doesn’t go anywhere as Jordan scores with a dropkick and a high crossbody gets two. That’s it for Jordan as Helter Skelter sets up the Shankley Gates for the tap at 4:25.

Rating: D+. This was longer than it needed to be though Gibson getting a win is a good idea. He’s the best heel around here (though the catchphrase isn’t great) and that’s the kind of thing they need to build up around here. Building some challengers for Dunne is a good idea and the more they can have, the more interesting things can be.

Post break Gibson says he’s soon to be known as the best around here. He’s won the United Kingdom Championship Tournament and beat then beat Noam Dar. Every day is one step closer to being the UK Champion because this is the best British wrestling. Everyone wants to be part of something special but he’s not going to share the top spot.

He keeps going on until Trent Seven shows up to ask if Gibson is delusional. Fans: “YES! YES! YES!” Trent talks about Gibson having a cup of tea while Moustache Mountain made history on the WWE Network. He did win the tournament, and also made everyone in the Royal Albert Hall take off their shoes. A challenge is thrown out and Gibson bails.

Video on Jordan Devlin’s debut two weeks ago.

Kenny Williams is ready to prove himself.

Kenny Williams vs. Jordan Devlin

Devlin takes him down with an armbar and they trade some flips into a standoff. Kenny gets dropped into a standing moonsault for two and it’s off to the neck crank. That doesn’t last long as Williams gets up and dropkicks Devlin to the floor for a suicide dive. A top rope back elbow gets two, followed by a rollup faceplant for the same. Devlin is right back up with the spinning fireman’s carry slam (I think Nigel called it Ireland’s Call) for the pin at 4:35.

Rating: C. Not bad here, though neither has much that makes them stand out, which is the biggest issue around here. Devlin looked better and more well rounded though Williams’ flying wasn’t too bad. I could still go for more than “I’m British and I’m here to prove myself” because that’s kind of been covered to death.

Next week: an announcement from Johnny Saint.

Mark Andrews/Flash Morgan Webster/Ashton Smith vs. Coffey Brothers/Wolfgang

Webster kicks at Wolfgang’s knees to start so Wolfgang sends him straight into the corner with a hard forearm. Andrews and Joe come in with a faceplant getting one on Andrews and it’s off to Mark….vs. Mark. Thankfully Andrews flips out of a belly to back suplex and makes the hot tag to Smith for a running clothesline.

Everyone comes in for the big staredown until Smith settles down for a middle rope ax handle to Mark. Joe and Smith slug it out for a pretty cool visual with Joe grabbing a spinning butterfly suplex. It’s back to Andrews for a middle rope hurricanrana on Wolfgang but Andrews gets sent outside. That means a distracted referee and a stomping from the Brothers.

Back in and we hit the neck crank, followed by a crossarm choke. Wolfgang superkicks Andrews for two and it’s another chinlock. Mark slaps on a front facelock but lets it go to knock Smith off the apron. The delay allows Andrews to hit the Stundog Millionaire to escape. The hot tag brings in Webster for a Whisper in the Wind for two on Wolfgang. Smith comes in for a running boot in the corner but the Brothers chop him down.

Everything breaks down and Mark gets superkicked, only to have Joe spear Smith. Andrews hits a tornado DDT on Wolfgang and the double suicide dives drop the Brothers. A hurricanrana puts Wolfgang on the floor as well and Webster hits a big flip dive onto everyone. Back in and a spear cuts Webster in half, followed by a discus lariat and the pin at 14:46.

Rating: C+. This was fine, though the heat segment on Andrews in the middle went on for a long time. It makes sense to have the monsters win here as you need to build up some heels. The good guys weren’t anything special here but at least they got in some nice spots, including that flip dive from Webster.

Overall Rating: C. The show wasn’t bad but it was a far cry from the previous episode, which was quite entertaining from start to finish. They’re taking the right steps forward though and that’s a good sign. This is still the first wave of stories and they’ll eventually get on to the bigger stuff as time goes on. Still though, completely watchable show, though it doesn’t need to be the second of two in a row.


Toni Storm b. Dakota Kai – Storm Zero

Zack Gibson b. Amir Jordan – Shakley Gates

Jordan Devlin b. Kenny Williams – Ireland’s Call

Wolfgang/Coffey Brothers b. Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews/Ashton Smith – Discus lariat to Webster

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