NXT UK – November 7, 2018 (First Episode)

Date: November 7, 2018
Location: Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, England
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

We’re continuing the British theme this week with two more episodes of NXT UK. It’s a big show this time around two with the United Kingdom Title on the line as Danny Burch challenges Pete Dunne. Someone has to take the title from Dunne eventually and there are worse options than Burch. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Dave Mastiff vs. Damien Weir

Weir looks scared. They’re doing the Earthquake bit with the camera shaking every time Mastiff takes a step during his entrance. Weir bounces off of Mastiff to start and there’s a huge backsplash. A one armed delayed vertical suplex drops Weir again and a really big Cannonball finishes him off at 2:26.

We look back at Wolfgang and the Coffey Brothers joining forces last week.

Video on Ligero.

Video on James Drake.

Video on Jinny, a fashionista. I’ve heard good things about her elsewhere but the fashionista part wasn’t mentioned.

Ligero vs. James Drake

Ligero drives him into the ropes to start and Drake hides for a bit. Back in and Drake forearms him in the mask so Ligero comes back with some of his own (Drake must have messed up the horn), followed by a spinwheel kick for one. Drake throws some heavy shots in the corner and it’s off to the chinlock. Ligero comes back with some more kicks and a Code Red for two, only to miss something off the top. A running corner dropkick gives Drake two of his own but Ligero is right back with a springboard tornado DDT for the pin at 5:49.

Rating: C-. Ligero is fine for the local luchador while Drake is another name on the long list of heels who don’t stand out in the slightest. He was billed as Mr. Mayhem, even though he did nothing that made him stand out or came off as mayhemish in the slightest. Just a match really, but Ligero is going to get a following.

Toni Storm is ready to face anyone who comes out her, including Dakota Kai. This brings Kai in, to say she’ll be that much better next week. They seem cool with each other.

Video on Ashton Smith.

Zack Gibson will be back next week.

Smith comes out for a match but gets jumped by Wolfgang and the Coffey Brothers. Joe talks about being upset about what happened in the Royal Albert Hall and now he sees people with similar views as his. If you’re not on their level, they will eliminate you. There is no more British Strong Style and there will be no more Big Strong Boys. This is their kingdom. Not bad, though the addition of Wolfgang brings them down a few notches. They need a story of some kind like this though as you can only have one off matches for so long.

Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews are ready to fight the Coffeys. Smith comes in and says he’s doing this with them. The trio goes in to see Johnny Saint.

Sid Scala vs. Eddie Dennis

I’ve been looking forward to this one. Dennis, a rather tall guy who is a little lanky, kicks him in the ribs to start but gets kicked in the knee. That just earns Scala another forearm and some right hands to the head. The cravate goes on and a jumping knee drop gets two. Dennis shouts about waiting a decade for this moment and wants better competition. Scala slaps him in the face and gets one of his own off a high crossbody. That’s about it for him though as a Razor’s Edge buckle bomb sets up an inverted implant DDT to finish Scala at 3:29.

Rating: C. Dennis has intrigued me since his first vignette and he more than lived up to the hype here. He has a good look (the height makes him stand out) and the backstory does him a lot of good. That’s the first new character who has stood out to me on this show and that’s what this place needs.

United Kingdom Title: Pete Dunne vs. Danny Burch

Burch is challenging and we get Big Match Intros. Dunne takes him down by the leg to start and gets in a kick to annoy Burch. The test of strength goes to Dunne and it’s time to crank on the finger while hammerlocking the other arm. Burch fights up with a suplex and goes for Dunne’s hand, sending the champ into the ropes.

Back up and Dunne’s leapfrog is pulled down by the leg but Dunne escapes the Crossface. They head to the floor with an X Plex dropping Burch onto the apron to put him in real trouble. It’s time to crank on the arm again and Dunne hits a hard kick to the elbow. Dunne ties the arm around his leg and rips at Burch’s face. Burch fights back with chops and a middle rope dropkick sends Dunne flying. A rather snappy nipup sets up a powerbomb, followed by a knee to the face to give Burch two.

Dunne is right back with another stomp to the arm and it’s time to head outside again. The arm is sent into the steps (you can’t say Dunne isn’t focused) but Burch is right back with a German suplex. Back in and Dunne grabs a triangle, which is countered into a buckle bomb. A German superplex gets two and they pull themselves up on the ropes for the big slugout. Another X Plex sets up an armbar but Burch reverses into a quickly broken Crossface.

Burch hits one heck of a clothesline and they’re both down again. It’s Dunne up first and stomping away at Burch’s head but Burch gets up again for a headbutt. The hanging DDT gets a close two and you can hear the fans sounding shocked. The Crossface goes on again in the middle of the ring but Dunne grabs the nose (egads) for the break. The Bitter End gets two and it’s time for a triangle with the finger bending to make Burch tap at 16:20.

Rating: B+. More Dunne greatness with Burch more than holding up his end of the match. These guys beat the heck out of each other and it was cool to see the arm playing into the ending. As usual, I have no idea who takes the title from Dunne but it’s nice to see them going so hard with his title reign as the title change is going to be huge.

Overall Rating: B. That’s probably the best show they’ve done so far with a big title match and a good debut from Dennis. They’re starting to set up some stories here and that makes the show much better. There are some people I want to see and if they can keep doing that, everything is going to start getting better.


Dave Mastiff b. Damien Weir – Cannonball

Ligero b. James Drake – Springboard tornado DDT

Eddie Dennis b. Sid Scala – Inverted implant DDT

Pete Dunne b. Danny Burch – Triangle choke

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