Matches booked that never happened

Hey Scott,

Was recently watching Mysterio/Iaukea from SuperBrawl VII and realized it was originally Regal/Mysterio. In fact, it was Regal/Mysterio at the Clash the month before and then again at SuperBrawl, but due to injuries and booking quirks, we never got the match. And I don’t think it ever happened.

Got me thinking about matches they booked that never ended up happening. I don’t mean Rock/Shawn. I mean, HHH/Austin/Rock from SurSer 99 that they booked but changed when Austin went down. We never got that triple threat.

I also don’t think The Enforcers ever did a straight tag match with Rhodes & Windham. Once they broke Windham’s hand and Steamboat subbed, they did tons of Dangerous Alliance combinations, but not sure they ever came back to the original

Any others?

Jinder Mahal v. Brock Lesnar!