Macho Man in WCW 1999

What happened with Macho Man in 1999?  He came back after being out with an injury with a new look and Madusa, Gorgeous George & Molly Holly, feuded with Kevin Nash, won the WCW title (for 1 day), had a match with Rodman at Road Wild 99 and then he was gone.

Was it a dispute with creative?  Did Russo & Ferarra try to get him back when they took over, and were there bigger plans for Macho Man that never came to pass?  Also he made 1 appearance in 2000 on Thunder, but nothing else.  Had Macho Man run his course or
could more have been done like a Goldberg feud?

Macho had basically run his course by then, and his knees were completely shot anyway.  There wasn't going to be any big runs at the top by that point.