Zig zag


I hate the zig zag as well. HOWEVER, I only hate it in a worked 'wrestling' and presentation sense. For a shoot, that move works on the same ideas as a Russian leg sweep. 

From a 'wrestling' point of view, it's two workers taking simultaneous flat back bumps. As a shoot, the key to the move is controling the chin and head with the predominant hand. Then, ur body weight is being thrown down while controlling the opponent's head and neck.

The "jump" in the zig zag is about generating as much downward force as possible on the opponent's head and neck. Once you control the head, you control the body. With a 220 lb dude flying downward while controlling your head, you're in for some hurting. Looks like shit. Since ziggler is an accomplished amateur, it would make sense that he has a realistic move that looks like shit when It's being worked. I think that is why it has become more and more wild and out of control as things have moved on.

A LOT of wrestler' s spend A LOT of time in wrestling schools trying to find ways to convert 'shoot holds' into a 'work' version. Most of them look terrible and never get used on a show.
And there's a scientific breakdown of the Zig Zag to kick off your Monday morning!