Bam Bam’s Ceiling

More 1987 Survivor Series goodness for you, Scott.

It's been well established that Vince was high on Bam Bam Bigelow when he came into the company in 1987, but Andre soured on him and he was gone in less than a year.

If Andre doesn't drive him out, what do you think gets done with Bam Bam? The typical "Hogan's tag team partner until he turns on him and let's run the house show circuit" routine? I know they wouldn't sacrifice the Megapowers angle for Bam Bam. Turn him heel and have him challenge Warrior for the IC title after the Rude program? What say you?

I'm gonna have to go with the "turn on Hogan and do the house show circuit" answer, which would have made zillions of dollars.  Had he stayed around until 1990, in fact, he would have made a hell of a challenger for Warrior, too, and he was the kind of monster who was easy to freshen up after the Hogan losses.