Brock vs Miz at Survivor Series?

Brock Lesnar is not going to want to take many bumps ahead of a UFC

fight (did I say "many"? I meant "any") So why waste AJ Styles if he's

not going to be allowed to have a competitive match?

How about sealing Shane's heel turn by showing that The Miz's injury

was a ruse all along to get Shane into the World Cup, have Shane

reward him by giving him a WWE Title match on Smackdown, and give Miz

a cup of coffee with the title, just long enough to get squashed by

Lesnar at Survivor Series? At least we'll get a fun promo battle

between Miz and Heyman out of it all.

You lost me at "Make Miz WWE champion."  I think the real answer was to put the title on D-Bry and finally give us the Brock match that was teased years ago and then ripped away by injury.  However, I'm also pretty sure that today's super-lazy F5 machine Brock wouldn't be as down to sell for Bryan as he might have been a few years ago.