WWF Wrestling Challenge – 23, 1992

August 23, 1992

From the Portland Civic Center in Portland, ME

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

This week’s featured match is Tatanka vs. Skinner. Also in action are Razor Ramon, High Energy, Virgil, and The Mountie.


Tatanka vs. Skinner

The announcers talk about Tatanka vs. Berzerker at SummerSlam. We hear from The Berzerker with Mr. Fuji in an insert promo as he can’t wait to rip Tatanka apart at SummerSlam. Tatanka takes control early but gets tosssed outside. Skinner takes Tatanka back inside and hits a slam but goes up top and gets caught with a punch to the gut. Tatanka now runs wild and dances around then puts Skinner away with a Samoan drop (3:46) 3/4*.

Thoughts: Tatanka continues to impress and work hard. Despite being in a low card match at SummerSlam they keep mentioning his undefeated streak on TV so it appears he will be in line for a bigger push going forward.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. Same as “Superstars” about the SummerSlam main event.


Tim McNeany vs. The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart

Mountie asks the “hillbillies” in the crowd if they know who he is as Heenan tells us that Jimmy Hart has an open contract for the Nasty Boys and signed a match against Ultimate Warrior & Randy Savage. Gorilla is skeptical as Mountie beats down McNeany. Mountie stays in control as Gorilla leaves to see if what Heenan said is true then Mountie hits a piledriver for the win (1:58). Heenan is talking about Gorilla crawling back to him after being proven wrong.

Thoughts: I liked how they had Heenan break the news here about Warrior & Savage teaming up and Gorilla going off to see if it was in fact correct. Anyway, Mountie’s feud with Slaughter was quietly dropped because Slaughter’s injuries added up and ended his career. Now, Mountie has nothing to do but he was kept on TV to get his shock stick gimmick over.


High Energy vs. Brooklyn Brawler & Iron Mike Sharpe

Gorilla returns and confirms what Heenan said after speaking with Jack Tunney. Owen works over Brawler to start as the announcers ponder how Warrior & Savage can co-exist as partners. Brawler now bites Koko in the corner as Heenan gloats over being correct then go back to talking about Warrior and Savage. Owen tags and runs wild then High Energy hits Sharpe with a missile dropkick/jackknife cover combo for the win (2:15).

Thoughts: All of the talk here was about Warrior & Savage.


Gene Okerlund is waiting for High Energy to head backstage. He stops them and asks Owen about the Bret Hart vs. British Bulldog match. Owen said that whoever loses will hurt and that seems to be his entire family at this point. Koko was concerned and even asked Okerlund how’d he feel in the same situation. At least they actually gave Owen a few segments about the Bret/Bulldog match and being a secondary player to that feud is still more prestigious than his team with Koko.


The Berzerker w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Jerry Seavey

The announcers hype up SummerSlam as Berzerker destroys Seavey. Berzerker ties up Seavey in the ropes and hits a pair of running kicks then goes over to Fuji, who wants him to toss Seavey high over the ropes and Berzerker does and gets the win via count out (1:52).

Thoughts: The same Berzerker squash match win we’ve seen for the past year and a half. His feud with Undertaker was also dropped so his status in the company is falling.


Virgil vs. Von Krus

The announcers hype up Jimmy Connors appearing on “Bodystars.” Virgil takes control then we hear from Nailz in an insert promo calling out Bossman and telling Virgil he will get beat down at SummerSlam. Virgil takes Krus outside with a headscissors then flies out with a plancha before using a side Russian leg sweep for the win (1:53).

Thoughts: With the WBF finished we saw them still trying to hype Bodystars now with athletes and celebrities. This was hype for Nailz vs. Virgil at the PPV.


SummerSlam Report airs.


Razor Ramon vs. Joe Steele

Razor threatens the ring attendant if he messes up his stuff then flicks his toothpick into the guy’s face. Razor chops Steele hard in the corner then catches him with a fallaway slam. Razor slaps Steele around and toys with him before using a super back suplex then the crucifix powerbomb for the win (2:23).

Thoughts: Razor’s character and in-ring work here was tremendous. Between that and the introductory vignettes its been awesome start.


Gorilla plugs the SummerSlam Spectacular then we hear from Jimmy Hart & Nasty Boys as they hype their match against Savage & Warrior.


Final Thoughts: Another episode of Challenge where the key segments were rehashed from Superstars as the PPV is just one week away.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 2/16/84

Monday: WWF SummerSlam Spectacular 8/23/92

Tuesday: WWF Superstars 8/29, WWF Challenge 8/30

Wednesday: WWF SummerSlam ’92

Thursday: WWF Superstars 9/5/92, WWF Challenge 9/6/92

Friday: WWF Superstars 9/12/92, WWF Challenge 9/13/92