Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting!

Welcome to your Saturday night thread!

Big night for combat sports, actually, as Chris Jericho and the Elite present the Rock and Wrestle Rager on internet PPV, via Fite.TV.  I’ve got some credits left from All In so I’ll cash them in for that and check it out later in the week.

Also tonight, the bizarre UFC from MSG, where Brock Lesnar may or may not show up to shoot an angle with Cormier.  The main event is a last-minute heavyweight title fight with Cormier defending against Derrick Lewis on short notice, with Cormier openly admitting to having a broken hand just a few weeks ago, and Lewis hardly seeming to be the guy to headline a show this big.

As well, the usual cornucopia of hockey and basketball is on offer, so hang out and live watch the Jericho show here!  And if you’re planning on getting the show, use the following link to get me some more credits so I can continue ranting on them: