Mid-South Wrestling – February 16th, 1984

February 16, 1984

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Jim Ross. Pierce notes that Bill Watts is not here this week as he is with the Von Erich family due to the death of David Von Erich. The death of David rocked wrestling to its core and was acknowledged by just about every promotion. The WWF gave David a ten bell salute.

This week, Junkyard Dog takes on Nikolai Volkoff as part of the TV Title Tournament. Plus, Mr. Wrestling & Magnum TA, debut of Rock n’ Roll Express, and Butch Reed & Buddy Landel.


Tom Lentz & Jerry Gray vs. Mr. Wrestling II & Magnum TA

Carl Fergie is the referee. Magnum starts off with Gray and works the arm. The champs stay in control for most of the match then Magnum puts Gray away with a belly-to-belly suplex (2:35). Ross puts over how nice it is to see Magnum & Mr. Wrestling work together without any friction.

Thoughts: Solid win for the tag champs. And it was interesting that Ross noted how it was nice to see the champs work together without friction when we really haven’t seen any problems between them as a team.


We are then shown an interview that took place in the locker room after a show in New Orleans with Watts and JYD. Magnum & Mr. Wrestling are there too as Mr. Wrestling is training Magnum in the background. Watts brings up last week when JYD left the announcers table and attacked the Midnight Express as JYD said he cannot let people get attacked like that and does not mind paying the fine. Grizzly Smith comes over and says after talking with Charlie Lay (Mid-South President) the new North American Title rankings have come out and the new #1 contender is Magnum TA. Grizzly congratulates Magnum as Magnum tells Mr. Wrestling his coaching has paid off. However, Mr. Wrestling says this stinks and that after a week Magnum felt like he already learned everything there is to know. Mr. Wrestling is now upset that the company passed him over on this title shot. Well that was unexpected but now we know why Ross made that comment in their match today. The coach feeling bitter that is pupil is getting a big title shot is an easily relatable storyline. And according to Bobby Eaton in his shoot interview with Highspots, those two disliked each other in real life and Eaton believed it was due to Mr. Wrestling II being jealous. So there seems to be a real-life element to this.


Now, we are shown another interview from New Orleans as Watts is with Mr. Wrestling & Magnum. Watts is shocked over Mr. Wrestling’s reaction to Magnum getting the title shot as Mr. Wrestling does not think its right he got passed over. Watts reminds Mr. Wrestling that he is a Tag Team Champion but Mr. Wrestling says JYD wants to face Magnum because he can beat him but that JYD is unable to beat Mr. Wresting. Magnum is taken aback and puts over Mr. Wrestling’s coaching but Mr. Wrestling says there will not be a problem with their team and that Magnum knows who’s the boss. Now we see Mr. Wrestling get more amped up and rationalizing Magnum being the #1 contender by saying JYD knows he can beat Magnum with ease. And when you add how the Midnight Express have been fucking with them at every turn there is bound to be some friction as a result.


A clip from last week when the Midnight Express tried to unmask Mr. Wrestling II is shown.


Also from last week we see the brawl that led to Masao Ito choking out JYD.


TV Title Tournament Match: Nikolai Volkoff w/ Barry Darsow vs. Junkyard Dog w/ Terry Taylor

We have a lot of tension between these four men. Darsow slips Volkoff the rope and Volkoff has it behind his back but Taylor takes it away from the outside. JYD then attacks Volkoff and hits a powerslam for the win (0:10). JYD & Taylor bail to avoid an attack and walk off together as the crowd is pumped.

Thoughts: After building this up last week we see JYD get revenge and win with ease. This finish is fine by me as its a way to continue the feud with a tag match and a long singles match between these two does not sound good at all.


We get a video package on the Rock & Roll Express.


Rock & Roll Express vs. Dale Veasey & Pat Rose

The Rock & Roll Express are super over with this crowd, especially with the women. The Rock & Roll Express show off their speed and look great in the ring. They stay in control then put Veasey away with a double dropkick (1:41).

Thoughts: The RnR used a ton of quick tags and moved faster than anyone else in the territory here. They were extremely over as well. Great debut.


Masao Ito vs. John King

Ito beats down King as Ross talks about how pissed off the Russians were over Volkoff being eliminated from the tournament. Ito continues to beat on King then puts him away with a splash (1:23).

Thoughts: Another quick squash designed to make Ito look like a monster.


“Hacksaw” Butch Reed & “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel vs. “Leaping” Lanny Poffo & George Weingeroff

Poffo and Weingeroff switch off working the arm of Landel to start. Ross then salutes Erik Watts for winning a wrestling tournament and how he averages 15 points per game in basketball too. Weingeroff & Poffo now work over Reed’s arm as Ross wonders if Reed & Landel came into this match unprepared. Poffo hits a dropkick but misses a second one as Reed now beats him down. Reed & Landel beat on Poffo for a bit until he escapes. Weingeroff tags in and runs wild but Landel knees him from behind then Reed tags out after hitting a flying shoulder tackle and Landel uses a corkscrew elbow drop for the win (4:36) **.

Thoughts: Fun match while it lasted. Landel has looked fantastic since returning and the new duo of Reed & Landel works for me. And I can only imagine what happened when they partied together.


Krusher Darsow vs. Steve Brinson

Darsow beats on Brinson, who appears to barely even know what he is doing. Ross mentions that Darsow will face Magnum TA in the tournament in just two weeks. Darsow fires away then locks on a front facelock as Pierce lets us know that Reed vs. Neidhart will happen in the tournament. Darsow hits a slam then uses a backbreaker submission for the win (2:00).

Thoughts: We got some hype for the TV Title Tournament as Darsow gets a win before facing Magnum in two weeks.


Final Thoughts: The huge news here was the friction between Mr. Wrestling and Magnum TA. Plus, we saw the Rock & Roll Express make their debut and the continuation of the TV Title Tournament. Mid-South continues to deliver compelling storylines although the in-ring action this week was lacking.