“Brock is leaving though!!!”

After reading the reviews of Crown Jewel on your blog…can the freaking hysteria calm down over Brock getting the title and leaving? Yes, it was a horrible decision to put the title on him. But this idea that people think he's leaving for the UFC for years to come is so bizarre. At this point, it's in the cards for him to fight Daniel Cormier. If DC loses to Derrick Lewis at UFC 230, it's being rumored that they will pivot to Brock vs Jon Jones. Either fight is being penciled in for February, presumably on their Super Bowl weekend card.

That being said, Brock will get absolutely, utterly destroyed by either one of them and be back in WWE with a multi-year contract by WrestleMania. I seriously think people on the blog let the pre-determined, fake fighting in WWE cloud their understanding of reality. He's not going to have a dominant career in the UFC and be gone long. He's going to get man-handled, cash in and come back to scripted entertainment. And Dana White will once again in 2-3 years circle back around the Brock Lesnar cow and milk it dry for any big name fights left at that point.

Brock was getting absolutely embarrassed and destroyed 8 years ago in the UFC in his last two fights. Eight years ago when drug testing was a complete joke and Brock was basically competing in the steroid olympics. He came back in 2016 once again on steroids and was able to beat a fat, slow 42 year old Mark Hunt by decision. A guy, by the way, who publicly complained beforehand that Brock was "juiced to the gills" and how unfair the fight was and probably didn't even try in the fight after firmly holding that belief in his mind. And he was 100% correct.

Wait, so now the narrative is that Mark Hunt threw the fight because he knew Brock was juicing?