Regarding Jewel Crowning

Hey Scott,

3 quick questions related to Crown Jewel:

1) Do they mention it on next week’s shows or downplay and pretend (as best they can with a new champion being crowned) it never happened?

2) Is this whole Best In the World thing a shot at CM Punk or is something in the works there?

3) What the hell is that thing on Shawn Michaels’ head?

I eagerly await your answers.

1. I think they do a 30 second recap of Braun winning and move on forever.
2.  It's a shot at another government over a soccer tournament going to someone else in the Middle East.  I can't remember which country, but it's the World Cup of Football, so Saudi Arabia wanted their own World Cup. Nothing to do with WWE at all.
3.  The towel that he uses to clean up when Vince is done with him.