A different look at the Saudi thing.

Hey Scott,

   I started looking at this whole thing from a different angle.  I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way, because what happened was a disgusting act.  But is it fair to punish the innocent Saudi Arabian fans for the acts of just a few of their people?  When I watched the GRR I saw the same thing as I see at a show held on North American soil, which was a bunch of families out having fun.  How many of these folks actually have anything to do with the stupid shit their government does, and if we are going to hold the everyday Joe responsible, how would the people of the United States feel if, let's say, NJPW refused to perform there because of all of the mass shootings and stupid shit their Government does?

You're not "punishing" anyone because the entire stadium is bought by the Saudi government and tickets are sold at pennies on the dollar to people who likely have no real interest in being there. The entire makeup of the audience is intended as propaganda, with families being put front and center to showcase how progressive the government is, and the remainder filled up with friends of the ruling class.  So, basically a LOT of the people at the show have direct involvement in the stupid shit that the government does.