NJPW ideas in WWE?

Mr. Keith,

I have been watching a lot of New Japan events this year and have loved it. Watching the way they book shows and conduct matches has been a nice change of pace from the WWE. I was wondering if the WWE adopted a few practices from New Japan if it would make the WWE product better?

1. Occasional smaller venues for the main roaster

In the way NJPW runs Korakuen Hall I think it would be a benefit to run an occasional RAW or Smackdown in a smaller venue where they can hear the fans reaction better. I know they learn much of that at Full Sail in NXT so why not return there occasionally?

There's actually discussions to run shows there with main roster stars, in fact.  I'm all far changing up the look of the weekly TV, of course, so I say go for it.  

2. Waiting for Rematches

I know the touring cycle is different in New Japan, but one of the things I like is that they wait a few big events before they have a rematch. They waited six months between Okada vs Omega II and Omega thought that would be too soon for a rematch. Maybe if they waited the Cena vs Orton, Styles vs Joe, Kane vs Undertaker rematches would not seem so stale.

Yup. The whole "big match, rematches for four matches" formula is one of the things that has really killed my interest in following the product week to week. 

3. G1 Climax style round robin tournament

It would seem pretty simple, have one block on RAW and the other on Smackdown and then the block winners meet at the PPV in June and the overall winner gets a championship match at Summerslam of if it is the champion he gets to pick his opponent. Plus anyone who pins a champion gets a title shot in the run up to Summerslam. It sounds so simple that I am sure the writers would screw it up and have such terrible 50/50 booking that there would be a 6 way tie and there would be a multi man match for the opportunity anyway.

Yeah, I just don't think a round robin tournament would work based on who is currently coming up with the writing.