Worst mass exodus

What do you believe to be the biggest/most destructive mass exodus within a short period of time in a major fed?

AWA 1983/84? (Hogan, Heenan, Okerlund…)

WWF mid-96 (Hall, Nash, DiBiase, Waltman, Warrior, plus Bret out of action and uncertain about his future)?

Radicalz in early 2000?

ECW in mid-97 (Raven, Richards, Saturn)?

ECW in summer/fall 1995 (Radicalz minus Saturn, Shane Douglas)?

TNA circa 2014/15 (Joe, Styles, Roode, EY…)?

Gotta be AWA.  Vince just GUTTED the promotion of all the top talent and Verne went from major promotion to running shows out of Vegas casino in a matter of months, it felt like.  Vince was just picking guys off at will, seemingly to fuck with him, and AWA could never rebound.