What the World Was Watching: WCW Saturday Night – March 11, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are in the booth and they are taped from Atlanta, Georgia.  According to thehistoryofwwe.com, these tapings were done on March 7.  Like last week’s broadcast, this show is also one hour.

Gene Okerlund interviews WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel, who says that until Uncensored WCW Champion Hulk Hogan will not be allowed into any WCW event.  This was due to Hogan’s attack on Vader at the end of last week’s show.

Opening Contest:  Randy Savage (1-0) pins Bobby Starr after the flying elbow smash at 1:11:

Despite being heavily promoted, Savage has only wrestled one singles match in 1995.  His other six bouts have been in tag team competition.  Savage gets “uncensored” in today’s squash, giving Starr two flying elbow smashes.

Okerlund interviews Savage, who says that Avalanche’s attack on him two weeks ago woke him up.  He promises to do whatever it takes to put Avalanche down for the count at Uncensored.

Okerlund provides the Uncensored Report.  WCW Champion Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart put over how Hogan is going to be a maniac in the main event.

Okerlund interviews Lord Steven Regal, sporting a suit and glasses.  He says he could not care less that fans took offense at his comments about Bobby Eaton on last week’s broadcast.  Eaton interrupts and asks to be Regal’s tag team partner again.  Regal turns him down, saying Eaton is not good enough to clean his horse stables.  Eaton teases a fight and Regal says that he would be glad to face Eaton on next week’s show.

Dustin Rhodes provides some taped comments, saying that he is going to unleash his pent-up aggression on the Blacktop Bully at Uncensored.

The Blacktop Bully (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (10-0) beats Tim Horner via submission to the Breaker 1-9 at 1:12:

Horner gets an entrance because he is a small step above enhancement talent.  Still, Horner succumbs quickly to the Bully’s attack on his arm, submitting to the Breaker 1-9.  The finish was sort of nonsensical, though, because Horner submitted despite being able to reach the bottom rope if he had moved his foot a few inches further.

Okerlund interviews Parker, the Bully, and Meng.  The Bully says his whole life in uncensored.  You see, he is a heel because he ignores the speed limit!  Parker adds that Meng is the greatest martial artist that ever lived, which puts Hacksaw Jim Duggan in a disadvantageous position for Uncensored.

Television Championship Match:  Alex Wright (18-0) beats Arn Anderson (Champion w/Colonel Robert Parker) (7-5-1) via count out at 8:12:

Wright has the best win/loss record in WCW so it is finally time for him to receive a title shot.  Dave Sullivan is shown dancing in the crowd to Wright’s theme music, something that is a sight for sore eyes, and Wright is over like rover with the Center Stage crowd.  Anderson does not take Wright seriously at first, but quickly changes his mind when Wright gets the crowd into things by dropkicking him to the floor, doing a pescado, sending him back to the floor with some European uppercuts, and doing so again with a headscissors.  Some good technical wrestling follows as Wright counters a test of strength with a body scissors and Anderson counters that with a slingshot underneath the bottom rope.  Wright gets his flying body press finisher, but Parker distracts the referee.  This brings out Johnny B. Badd, who is clad in boxing gloves, and he decks Anderson on the floor to put Wright over by count out.  A hot crowd took this match to another level and it was eight minutes of great fun.  Based on reactions, it may not have been bad a bad idea to give Wright the title since the Anderson-Badd match at Uncensored was non-title anyway.  Rating:  ***½

Non-Title Match:  Vader (U.S. Champion w/Ric Flair) (7-1) pins Bobby Knight after a powerbomb at 1:07:

Knight, not to be confused with the legendary Indiana basketball coach, was a traveling jobber, working for WCW and the WWF in the 1990s.  Flair gets in his face before the opening bell and Vader follows that up with the usual destruction.  Vader is not seen with the United States title anymore, and he has not defended that title all year.  It makes the decision to put him over Hacksaw Jim Duggan for the belt at Starrcade puzzling.  Some might argue that it gave Vader standing as the number one contender to Hulk Hogan’s title, but Vader was already due a title shot after winning the triangle match at Fall Brawl over Sting and the Guardian Angel.

After the match, Vader drags Knight to the interview area.  He gives a promo over his opponent’s limp body, telling Okerlund that Hogan is responsible for what the fans have just witnessed.  Flair says that Hogan got Bockwinkel to take him off television so he did not have to be around Vader.

The Last Word:  These one hour episodes of Saturday Night are much more effective than two hours as the company condenses squash matches and keeps segments rolling.  The feature match for the Television Championship put over Wright in a major way, even if he did not win the title, and a rematch has to be forthcoming.  The Vader-Flair pairing also makes for good television, with their closing promo effectively selling Uncensored.

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