Gargano as Heel

Hey Scott–

A little palate cleanser from all the Roman sadness and Saudi grossness.

So NXT turned its hottest organic babyface heel. What's the rationale here? Gargano just had a series of wars with Ciampa: Does that hatred go away quietly, or is Johnny Wrestling only a heel when matched up against Black?

I realize Black needs to be kept away from the title as he's probably getting a call-up soon, but what's the endgame for Gargano here? Help Undisputed Era in War Games and become the fifth man? For an arm of the company that is usually better at long-term planning, I'm not sure they've thought this one through…

I don't know, and I don't think they thought it through, either.  Gargano took the losses against Ciampa and got all brooding, and he never really went back to being a babyface again.  He's an awesome heel, but I'm not really digging this direction with him and I don't know that ruining your most over babyface is a really great idea.  The promotion feels REALLY heavy on heels now.