WWF Superstars – July 18, 1992

July 18, 1992

From the Glen Falls Civic Center in Glen Falls, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect.

This week, we will find out the main event for SummerSlam. In action will be Ric Flair, The Mountie, and the British Bulldog.


Natural Disasters vs. Duane Gill & Brooklyn Brawler

The announcers talk about SummerSlam taking place on Monday, August 31st, at Wembley Stadium then speculate as to what will be named the main event. Perfect believes it has to be Flair vs. Savage as the main event then we hear from Money Inc. as they tell the Disasters they have not figured out Money Inc. will always be the champions. The Disasters beat down Gill as Perfect says there is no doubt that Flair vs. Savage will be the main event but Vince speculates that it could be a tag match or even a handicap match like last year. The Disasters hit Gill & Brawler with a double avalanche then put Gill away after a pair of splashes (2:46). Vince then teases Perfect for sweating and being anxious over the main event announcement.

Thoughts: Some last minute build for the SummerSlam main event announcement and hype for the never ending Money Inc./Natural Disasters feud.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. He tells us that the show sold out in ten hours then we cut to a BBC feed with an unnamed female reporter talking about the event and listing off a few stars. We then see promoter Harvey Goldsmith who talks about being proud that SummerSlam will be held in England. After that we get more news clips, including an interview with the British Bulldog, then Director of Wembley Stadium Allan Coppin compares this to stealing the World Series from the United States. We go back to the update desk as Okerlund says the main event is a title match between Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior. Okerlund also promises that Savage and Warrior will be here face-to-face next week. And we now have our SummerSlam main event, which besides being a rematch from WrestleMania VII is also a surprise. With Flair out of the main event picture it leaves him without a match and since we’ve had Perfect & Heenan all week saying Flair vs. Savage had to be the main event we should expect anger from those three.


Glen Ruth vs. Ric Flair w/ Mr. Perfect

Vince says that Flair had a tantrum backstage and kicked stuff over after the SummerSlam main event announcement. Flair comes out and is pissed then he immediately slaps Ruth across the face. Flair roughs up Ruth and tosses him outside where Perfect stomps away. Flair then heads out and chops Ruth a few times. We head back inside where Flair continues to beat the crap out of Ruth as Vince sells SummerSlam on PPV. Vince is sure that Flair will be on the SummerSlam card is some capacity as Flair gets the win with a figure four (2:43). Flair refuses to break the hold then eventually rolls off as Perfect holds Ruth’s legs so Flair can hit a flying knee drop as the camera shows a “Ric Who?” sign in the crowd.

Thoughts: As expected, Flair was irate and took out his anger on the future Headbanger Thrasher. On commentary Vince said that he is sure Flair will be on the SummerSlam card in some capacity as it seems they have something in mind for him on the show.


We are shown a clip of the Bret Hart vs. Rick Martel Intercontinental Title match that will air this week on Prime Time Wrestling. Martel puts Bret in the Boston Crab as we see Shawn Michaels come out. Vince says that Martel not only had problems with Bret but also will with Shawn. Nice of them to tease a big match for Prime Time.


Dave Millson vs. Virgil

Millson is a big guy who resembles a cross between David Schultz and Dave Barbie. They should have formed a trio as The Daves. Virgil uses a hammerlock as Perfect comes back on commentary and yells about the main event announcement, saying its terrible news. Virgil then hits a back suplex and after that flies out with a pescado as Perfect said what happened to Glen Ruth will happen to everyone because Flair is only going to be aggressive going forward. Perfect now calls out WWF President Jack Tunney for passing over Flair in the main event as Virgil uses a leg sweep for the win (1:39).

Thoughts: This match was just a back drop for Perfect to rant about Flair not getting the SummerSlam main event.


Repo Man vs. Greg Starr

Repo Man laughs after attacking Starr while Perfect refuses to stop talking about Flair not being in the main event. Vince jokes there might be a spot on the card for Flair to face The Genius then talks about last week’s “Prime Time Wrestling” and the WBF vs. WWF tug-of-war challenge that was issued by Jim Duggan. Repo Man then gets the win with a single leg crab as Vince lists off the WBF team captained by Jim Duggan (1:30).

Thoughts: We get more anger from Perfect about Flair and hype for a tug-of-war between the WWF and WBF guys. Speaking of the WBF, it was really hurting now as the magazine seized publication and some of its stars had left. Even champion Gary Strydom was on the outs.


We get the ad for this tug-of-war as Vince’s enthusiasm is once again off the charts. Of course its sponsored by ICOPRO and will take place on WBF Bodystars.


Gene Okerlund welcomes the Big Bossman to the interview platform after we see the photos of the attack. Bossman talks about all of his injuries and that the doctor told him he might never walk the same again. Bossman thought about whether or not it was worth it to return to the WWF but that was answered when a six year old kid hugged him on his porch and asked if he was alright as Bossman says he knows what he has to do now. Bossman then makes a promise to everyone that he will come after Nailz and kick his ass. The “ass” part was bleeped out. Vince then declares that the Big Bossman is back. The story of Bossman returning because of a hug is lame but it was a given he would be back to feud with Nailz.


Jason Knight vs. The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart

The Mountie roughs Knight up as we see an insert of the “WWF Magazine” article on the Slaughter/Mountie feud. The Mountie stays in control then hits a dropkick for the win as Perfect sells that as more powerful than a regular dropkick because Mountie is wearing riding boots (2:04). After the match, Mountie teases Knight with the Great American Scream Machine while Hart runs off the ref. Mountie then sings his theme song

Thoughts: They finally explained why Mountie is putting people away with a basic dropkick now in that his boots are more powerful, which makes you think why they are allowed in the first place. Anyway, more hype for the dying Mountie/Slaughter feud.


Vince then plugs the Coliseum Home Video release of “Wrestlefest ’92” as we see a clip of a Bret Hart feature.


Now its time for another Razor Ramon vignette. Razor talks about the sounds of the ocean relaxing him but then talks about the irritating sound of people in the WWF putting him down. Razor says its sound to him that those people are afraid of him but that there is nothing to scared of and is not a “beach bully” that will kick sand in your face as Razor kicks sand near the camera. Razor then says all he wants is fame, fortune, and the WWF title but the only thing to be scared of is you try to stop him. Not my favorite Razor vignette, probably his weakest to date, but still a more compelling character than just about anyone else on the roster.


Vito Krus vs. British Bulldog

Perfect once again talks about Flair getting ripped off as Bulldog works over Krus. We then hear the Repo Man in an insert promo running down Bulldog. Vince wants Perfect to put his anger aside and predict a winner of the SummerSlam main event as Bulldog hits a running powerslam for the win (2:00). Perfect says he hopes they beat each other up as Vince says Perfect is having problems being a broadcast journalist.

Thoughts: The Repo Man/Bulldog feud continues as Perfect came off a bit less upset here.


Next week, more SummerSlam matches will be announced. Also in action are Nailz, Tatanka, and Shawn Michaels. Plus, the face-to-face interview between Savage and Warrior as we hear from both men to close out the show.


Final Thoughts: The big news of the SummerSlam main event announcement was the highlight and now we will see what Flair does until the PPV. Now, we will wait for the rest of the card to get announced and hype the PPV, which is six weeks away.