WWF Prime Time Wrestling – July 13th, 1992

July 13, 1992

Vince McMahon is the host. Panelists include: Bobby Heenan, Mr. Perfect, Jim Duggan, and Hillbilly Jim.


Heenan & Perfect are pissed that Randy Savage received a tribute video instead of Ric Flair.


Kato vs. Texas Tornado

This match took place at the 6/3 Prime Time Wrestling taping in Cornwall, Ontario. This was a taping of about 20 or so exclusive PTW matches. Sadly, Tornado looks geeked on his way to the ring. Tornado shoves Kato into the corner as Kato complains his mask was pulled. They fight over a wrist lock and Tornado wins that battle as we get another complaint by Kato. Tornado works the arm for a bit but misses a charge in the corner. Kato kicks Tornado in the ribs then targets the mid-section. Tornado catches Kato with a sleeper hold then soon after that uses the Tornado Punch for the win (4:33) 1/4*.

Thoughts: Nothing much to this match at all in what turned out to be the second to last singles match of Tornado that aired (the last was on the 7/27 edition of Prime Time against Shawn Michaels). Tornado was fired and continued to self-destruct until taking his life on February 18th, 1993.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund from 7/11 Superstars about The Mountie’s “Great American Scream Machine.”


Shawn Michaels defeats Chico Martines from the 7/11 edition of Superstars.


Back to the panel as Perfect laughs about Slaughter getting shocked by The Mountie. Heenan then taunts Duggan, who promises to keep his composure so he does not get tossed off the show.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Tatanka to the interview platform. This was also filmed at the Prime Time taping in Cornwall.  Okerlund goes over what Rick Martel did to him then asks how he feels. Tatanka talks about his people living in peace and harmony but some are disrespectful of their ways, like Martel. Tatanka then calls Martel foolish for wearing his eagle feathers to the ring and that they are a sign of honor and bravery but Martel does not have either of those. He then tells Martel the great chiefs have spoken and the word he’ll understand is “revenge.” The verbiage here was childish but Tatanka tries hard to prevent it from being terrible and is starting to get over as a result.


WBF Bodystars ad airs.


We are back to the panel as they talk about the WBF and this leads to a debate over who is stronger, WBF of WWF guys. Duggan believes the WBF guys are stronger and Hillbilly agrees, saying that is what the WBF guys do. Vince asks what should happen and Duggan says they should do a tug-of-war with six WBF guys versus six WWF guys. So, Duggan will head the WBF guys with Perfect heading the WWF guys. We are now reduced to coming up with gimmicks like this to get people to watch WBF Bodystars.


Nasty Boys w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Jason Knight & Scott Colontonio

Another match from the Cornwall Prime Time tapings. Gorilla says the Nasty Boys have become less nasty since losing the titles. Sags beats on Colontonio to start. Knight tags in and suffers the same fate as Gorilla asks Lord Alfred about the Royal Family. The Nasty Boys stay in control as Colontonio tags back in then they put him away with the running powerslam/flying elbow drop combo (3:51). After the match, the Nasty Boys clear the ring.

Thoughts: The past couple weeks have shown the Nasty Boys being more aggressive as they are pushing on commentary that they’ve lost their edge since losing the Tag Team Titles last year at SummerSlam.


An ad for SummerSlam taking place in London on August 31st, which is a Monday night. That date would be changed.


El Matador defeats Duane Gill from the 7/11 edition of Superstars.


Money Inc. defeats Bobby Perez & Angel Vega from the 7/11 edition of Superstars.


Razor Ramon vignette from this week’s TV airs.


We are once again with the panel as they talk about the Undertaker/Berzerker feud.


Legion of Doom w/ Paul Ellering vs. Peter Motts & Chris Duffy

If Motts looks familiar its because he went on to become Perry Saturn. He has a ponytail and a beard here. The LoD attack their opponents then work over Motts as the camera shows Rocco. If that wasn’t enough, we hear from Rocco in an insert saying “Oh…….what a rush” and soon after that the LoD put Duffy away with the Doomsday Device (1:38).

Thoughts: The focus of this wrestling match was on a puppet. On TV at this point we have attempted stabbings, electrocution, voodoo, and now we can add ventriloquism to the list.


Now, the panel talks about the Beverly Brothers/LoD feud. Heenan jokes that Rocco had an accident and they found sawdust all over the floor


Randy Savage tribute video from this week’s TV airs.


Undertaker defeats Bruce Mitchell from the 7/4 edition of Superstars.


Beverly Brothers w/ The Genius vs. High Energy

Another match from the Prime Time taping in Cornwall. Gorilla says the winner of this match could become a “Top 3” contender for the Tag Team Titles. Beau pokes Owen in the chest and ends up getting slapped. Owen works over Beau until he gets punched in the face. Owen comes back with a dropkick and an arm drag then Beau retreats outside. Blake tags in and teases Koko and leads to a chase. Owen hits a springboard arm drag but Blake fights back. Owen then tags out after hitting a monkey flip out of the corner then Blake ducks out onto the apron. Koko slingshots Blake back inside as we get a faint chant for the Legion of Doom. Blake fights back then Beau comes in and targets Koko’s back. Beau now works a bearhug for a bit then Koko gets out and comes back with a crossbody for two. Beau regains control as the Beverly Brothers cut off the ring. Blake now works a bearhug for a while. Koko finally escapes then we get a double clothesline spot as both men are down and tag out as Owen runs wild. The match breaks down as Beau grabs the scroll and whacks Owen to break up a reverse rollup and the refs calls for a DQ (9:53) *1/2. The Beverly Brothers beat on Koko but he fights back and High Energy ends up clearing the ring.

Thoughts: Really just a basic house show match but it seems designed for these teams to feud with each other after their current feuds end. And its really not a feud to get excited about.


Ric Flair defeats Jason Knight from the 7/12 edition of Wrestling Challenge


Back to the panel once again as they talk about Flair. Heenan tells Vince there are not enough hours in the day for the company to run a proper tribute to Flair. Duggan teases Heenan & Perfect over the fact Flair is no longer champion but they guarantee Duggan he will be the champion before SummerSlam.


The Papa Shango package from the 7/12 edition of Wrestling Challenge airs.


We now have the panel talk about Papa Shango as Duggan & Hillbilly tease Heenan over the fact he is petrified just hearing the word “voodoo.” Vince even joins in on the fun.


“The Model” Rick Martel vs. Virgil

This took place at the 6/30 Wrestling Challenge tapings in Binghamton, NY. Both men start off by trading standing holds and end up in a stalemate. The announcers talk about SummerSlam and whether or not Virgil will make the card, adding that he was popular in Sheffield. Virgil now mocks Martel with a cartwheel and jumping jacks and this leads to a more aggressive back-and-forth. Virgil now takes control and works the arm. He uses a backslide for two then goes back to the arm as the announcers talk about Virgil’s tights then make fun of Koko’s pants. Virgil ducks his head for a back drop and gets kicked in the face then dropped with a clothesline. The announcers talk about 80,000 at Wembley Stadium for SummerSlam as Lord Alfred applauds the “booking office” for getting the venue. Martel stays in control as the announcers talk about the WBF vs. WWF tug-of-war. Martel gets decked coming off of the top rope and Virgil runs wild. The ref backs Virgil off in the corner then Martel whacks Virgil with his atomizer for the DQ (4:49) *1/2.

Thoughts: The match was a fine as they kept a decent pace and made it entertaining. Virgil still shows good fire but remains sloppy in the ring. The announcers mostly talked about everything else but this match.


Bret Hart defeats the Dublin Destroyer in a match from the 7/12 edition of Wrestling Challenge


Nailz defeats Rick Johnson in a match from the 7/11 edition of Superstars


We get another ad for SummerSlam being held on Monday, August 31st, in London, England.


Jim Powers vs. Bob Bradley

This also took place at the 6/30 Wrestling Challenge tapings in Binghamton, NY. Lord Alfred puts over Powers for having charisma and skill but that he is facing a tough test in Bradley. Powers gets two with a rollup after both men traded go-behinds. The announcers once again talk about SummerSlam as Powers connects with a dropkick. Bradley ducks out for a breather then returns only for Powers to take him down with an arm drag. The announcers now talk about SummerSlam selling out in ten hours without a card even being announced. Powers stays in control until Bradley cuts him off and hits his patented slo-mo backhandspring elbow smash in the corner. Bradley sticks his tongue out as he fishhooks Powers then works a chinlock on the mat. Lord Alfred then makes fun of Gorilla for getting a cab from Manchester to Sheffield as Powers gets his knees up on a splash attempt then Powers runs wild until he hits a powerslam for the win (3:57) *.

Thoughts: With the roster so depleted it seems that Powers is back as more of a regular now as a lower card guy.


We go back to the panel as they talk about what will be named the main event of SummerSlam. Heenan & Perfect believe it has to be Savage vs. Flair but Vince says there are many great matches that could be named.


Final Thoughts: The theme of the show was the same as what we saw on the syndicated TV’s. However, the big angle here was announcing there would be a WBF vs. WWF tug-of-war as Vince is desperate to get people to watch his bodybuilding show, which already had its time slot changed. The matches here were not good and the format of this show is really stale, especially with Hillbilly Jim on the panel as his character is nothing more than a relic from the past. There is no reason to watch this show.