What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – March 11, 1995

Tony Schavione and Bobby Eaton are in the booth and they are taped from Orlando, Florida.

A replay of Steven Regal rejecting Bobby Eaton’s offer to be his tag team partner on last week’s episode of WCW Saturday Night is shown.

-My copy of this show is joined in progress, so squash victories for Dustin Rhodes, Steve Austin, and Stars & Stripes are missed.  Thehistoryofwwe.com is not very helpful in figuring out who they wrestled.

Opening Contest:  Big Bubba Rogers (5-0) pins LeRoy Howard after a Bossman Slam at 1:14:

Rogers works fast in today’s squash, giving Howard some powerful slams and stopping the jobber’s token comeback with his finish.  Heenan puts over Rogers as a future title contender.

Gene Okerlund interviews Randy Savage, who promises to go ballistic at Uncensored.  Okerlunds warns him that Avalanche has gained more weight, but Savage says he does not care.

In a taped promo, United States Champion Vader repeats that WCW Champion Hulk Hogan has made the biggest mistake of his life agreeing to face him at Uncensored.  Ric Flair adds that Hogan erred by not banning him from ringside.

Television Championship Match:  Hacksaw Jim Duggan (12-0) defeats Arn Anderson (Champion w/Colonel Robert Parker) (7-4-1) via disqualification when Meng interferes at 5:23:

Although Duggan is no longer spotless in overall competition upon losing a tag team match with Dave Sullivan against Kevin Sullivan and the Butcher on WCW Pro, he is still undefeated in singles competition.  This is Duggan’s second Worldwide feature match against Anderson, having defeated him via disqualification last month.  The same happens here today as Duggan hits Anderson twice with the three-point stance clothesline, Parker breaks up the ensuing pin by putting his man’s foot on the bottom rope, and Meng does the predictable run in.  This was fun while it lasted, but things got sloppy by the end.  Rating:  *½

After Meng enters the ring, Duggan blasts him over the head with a 2×4, shattering it.  Meng does not sell the blow, though, and Schiavone and Heenan put over the idea that Meng is indestructible as WCW officials flood the ring to keep Meng and Duggan separated.

Following a commercial break, Schiavone interviews Colonel Robert Parker, Anderson, and Meng.  Parker says that Meng cannot be stopped, with Anderson putting over his chances against Johnny B. Badd at Uncensored.  Meng headbutts the television title belt because he can.

Tune in next week to see Marcus Bagwell square off against Steve Austin!  Also, Randy Savage, Lord Steven Regal, the Blacktop Bully, and Harlem Heat will be in action!

The Last Word:  Seeing Meng refusing to sell the 2×4 blast was the highlight of the show.  WCW is putting him over as an indestructible force and it would make sense for him to go over Hacksaw Jim Duggan at Uncensored.  If not, that would short circuit the momentum he is building.

Up Next:  WCW Saturday Night for March 11!