Fwd: Change of Opinion: Non-Wrestler Addition

Instead of the obvious route of asking a question that's surely been answered plenty of times already (guys you like/appreciate more now than way back in the day), how about the same question for any non-wrestling performers. Announcers, commentary, those types of roles meant for TV. 

The one that jumps out most to me is Sean Mooney. I remember way back where he was considered one of the worst, and to this day his PBP was never anything better than "tow the company line" stuff that occasionally lacked enthusiasm. He did have moments of awesome, like when he'd join Lord Alfred in burying stupid crap like Battle-Kat, but as an Event Center host, it was such a perfect fit for him and his straight-man presentation. It doesn't help that he's come back over the years, poked a little fun at himself, and has shown his comedic side a bit more.

Sean was definitely solid and I've come to appreciate him over the years. 

I'd also nominate David Crockett, who annoyed the fuck out of me at the time, but now I enjoy him for his enthusiasm and over-the-top dedication to the storylines.