Strong Style Saturday Thread

Good morning!  Don’t you hate when your cron is unresponsive and you have to set up an external one?  Man, we’ve all been there!  White people be calling their cron jobs like this, and…well, never mind.  It’s funnier for people who work in IT, probably.

Anyway, it’s Saturday!  The Red Stockings of Boston are off to the World Series, and coincidentally I’ve got a Smackdown review that was taped in Boston in 1999 this morning!  Then tomorrow morning we go back to Armageddon 99 for a show that my opinion changed DRASTICALLY in the 20 years since I originally reviewed it.

Luke Rockhold is off UFC 230 because they just can’t catch a break, except for the millions and millions of PPV buys they drew with the last show and all the money they’re getting from ESPN.

Enjoy your weekend, and as Sid would say, do unto the man as you would have the man do unto you, but do it first.