Hi Scott.

Couple of Asuka questions:

1. Think she lasts another year or leaves?

2. How would you have booked her against Rousey?

3. What do you think of this scenario if the streak was never broken? Rousey/Asuka main events Evolution and Asuka wins. Rousey gets the win back at the Rumble in a cage and Asuka isn’t pinned, and then a Triple Threat where Charlotte gets thrown into the mix at Mania?

1.  She's making better money with an easier schedule than she could anywhere else in the world, so I imagine she just stays and continues not giving a shit.

2.  Rousey could have beaten her, of course.  It just would have meant WAAAAAAY more if Asuka had been undefeated and dominant going into the match.  

3.  I wouldn't have booked Asuka to win.  Rousey is the money, Asuka was just the person to draw it against her.