Best in the world?

Ok, I get this is a long shot, but…

This whole “World Cup” tournament thingamajig is supposedly to determine the “best in the world.”  WWE has really doubled down on that phrase – the commentary teams couldn’t go five minutes without using it this past week.  Now it’s common knowledge that “best in the world” was CM Punk’s gimmick.  It’s also been apparent that the Saudis – remember, this whole World Cup concept was designed for these new international super oil money house shows on the Network – are much more interested in older stars than the current product.  And that all that oil money has lured some back to the ring *cough Shawn cough*. Sooo…could this “best in the world” tournament be a reveal that a truckload of Saudi oil/blood money has bought peace between CM Punk and Vince McMahon/Triple H?

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I’m gonna go with “no”.