WWF Superstars – June 27th, 1992

June 27, 1992

From the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect

This week in action are Nailz, Texas Tornado, Kamala, and the Nasty Boys. Plus, an interview with the Legion of Doom


British Bulldog vs. Nick Danger

Bulldog shoves Danger into the corner as Vince tells us he is taking his ICOPRO. The announcers talk about the Bulldog/Repo Man feud as Bulldog hits a delayed vertical suplex then we hear from Bulldog in an insert promo telling Repo Man its time to go to his obedience school in a terrible promo that saw Mr. Perfect tell us he’s confused as to why Bulldog does not speak English being that he is from England. Back to the match as Bulldog stays in control then hits a running powerslam for the win (2:19).

Thoughts: This taping was on 6/1, the day Bulldog returned from his 30 day suspension. They’ve kept the Repo Man feud alive by having him on TV every week cutting promos.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This is brought to us by ICOPRO as Okerlund shills that garbage while a 1-800 Number flashes on the screen for us to call and place an order. We see Tatanka let out a chant at a river while spending time with families on a reservation. Tatanka tells the kids he is coming after Martel and wants his feathers while saying he will make him extinct. He then tells the kids to stay in school and abstain from drugs and alcohol and for them to be proud of their heritage. That ends as Okerlund tells us Tatanka is heading towards the top of the WWF. This piece was designed to promote Tatanka and its clear they are dedicating to pushing him strong after the Martel feud is over. And to be honest, Tatanka deserves it as he’s been busting his ass in the ring and getting at least a decent reaction from the fans.


Rick Johnson & Chico Martinez vs. Nasty Boys w/ Jimmy Hart

Johnson is a tall guy. Vince wants to know if there is any sort of professionally jealousy between the Nasty Boys and Money Inc. seeing that they have the same manager and Money Inc. are the champs. The Nasty Boys take control early as they beat on Johnson. We hear from High Energy in an insert promo telling the Nasty Boys they are in for a big surprise as Koko does a lot of singing. Martinez is now in the match and ends up getting put away with a running powerslam/flying elbow smash combo (2:47). After the match the announcers once again talk about potential jealousy between Nasty Boys and Money Inc.

Thoughts: With how much they are pushing the chance of jealousy between Money Inc. and the Nasty Boys its clear they are gearing up for a feud between those teams.


Another Razor Ramon vignette airs. Razor is sitting outside enjoying a glass of wine. A girl comes over and does not know why he did not call her back but Razor tells her they had a good time and now he’s through with her and tells us the “chicas” are for fun but he’s coming to the WWF strictly for business. And while he scars the hearts of the chicas, he will scar the souls of the rest of the WWF. Another awesome vignette for Razor. And he was completely committed to this gimmick as well, something he talked about in his shoot interview with RF Video as he stated he’d play whatever character Vince wanted from him to the best of his ability.


Glen Ruth vs. Virgil

Perfect talks about Razor being cool and agrees about the chicas just being for fun. Vince says that Virgil is “100% Tested U.S. Prime Beef” and a perfect example of what drug-free in the WWF is all about. I thought that line was reserved for the WBF competitors? Virgil catches Ruth with an inverted atomic drop then nearly kills him with a back suplex. Virgil flies outside with a pescado and hammers away then tosses Ruth inside as Vince says he is “building momentum” and perhaps getting ready for SummerSlam. Virgil stays in control then uses a Russian leg sweep for the win (1:59).

Thoughts: Even though it was casual this was the first mention of SummerSlam on TV. And oddly enough it occurred randomly during a Virgil match. Although while not announced yet on TV, the decision was finalized to hold the show at Wembley Stadium in London instead of the originally scheduled Capital Centre in Washington D.C.


Vince plugs the “Battle of the WWF Superstars” Coliseum Home Video release. They then show us a clip of The Bushwhackers at an aerobics class as they march around like morons.


The Berzerker w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Bruce Mitchell

The announcers talk about the Berzerker/Undertaker feud as Vince makes fun of Mitchell’s physique. We hear from Berzerker & Fuji in an insert promo threatening Undertaker as he stays in control of the match. Vince says after this match we will see a video of the Legion of Doom on location in Chicago then Berzerker tosses Mitchell outside and wins via count out (2:33).

Thoughts: We are getting more hype Vince ragged all over Mitchell on commentary. Wonder if someone alerted him on PW Torch’s Bruce Mitchell’s piece on the WWF scandals and he used it to get some semblance of revenge?


We see the LoD with Paul Ellering back in “Chicago” as there childhood homes are burned down and a mess. This set looks like something you’d see out of the Bosnian War. They search through the debris then Ellering happens to find a doll that Animal said is named “Rocco” as the LoD keep telling Ellering how they played with him as kids and call it their “wrestling buddy.” Ellering said Rocco taught them to be a team as Animal said he would take to Rocco when Hawk was not around then they leave to go clean him up. Rocco’s face was not shown. If you thought being called “sissies” for weeks by the Beverly Brothers and not retaliating made you look weak then you haven’t seen anything yet as the LoD sounded like children gushing over a “My Buddy” doll. In the Road Warriors shoot interview with RF Video, they said Rocco was done by Vince to make them “look like assholes” and that Ellering even offered to take ventriloquism lessons to fully commit but Vince did not want that to happen. Well, judging by this segment, they looked like assholes to me.


J.A. Gooden vs. Nailz

Vince says we will have an update on the Big Bossman’s condition next week as they talk about the beating he had at the hands of Nailz. The match starts with Nailz kicking and gauging Gooden before putting him away with a chokehold (1:10). After the match, Nailz chokes out Gooden with the nightstick and chases away a few officials who ran out to pull him off. We then get a closeup of Nailz as he stares into the camera and bangs the nightstick off of his hand.

Thoughts: The build of Nailz as a monster continues as we get news of an update on Bossman next week.


More clips from the WBF Championship.


Texas Tornado vs. Duane Gill

Tornado shoves down Gill as Vince says the closest he has seen to perfect is Gary Strydom to egg on Mr. Perfect. Gill lands a few shots but Tornado reverses an Irish whip and uses the Tornado Punch for the win (1:47).

Thoughts: This was a backdrop for Vince to talk about the WBF.


An ad for WBF Bodystars airs. This leads to a plug of WBF Magazine and a feature on host Cameo Kneuer.


Kamala w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. John Blade

Kamala chops away then Blade bounces off of him. Kamala keeps slapping his belly in between moves then drops Blade with a lifting chokehold. Kamala stays in control then uses a splash for the win (1:39).

Thoughts: Another win for Kamala to build him up as a monster.


Next week in action are Crush, Papa Shango, and Bret Hart. Plus, an update on the Big Bossman and an interview with Repo Man.


Final Thoughts: Well, the Rocco segment was memorable for all of the wrong reasons and the rest of the show was unremarkable. With the next show falling on July 4th (and after hearing what’s on tap for next week) I would not expect anything memorable to happen then either.