The SmarK Rant for the Mae Young Classic–S02E07

The SmarK Rant for the Mae Young Classic – S02E07

Taped from Full Sail

Your hosts are Michael Cole, Renee Young and Beth Phoenix

We’ve now reached the quarterfinals, although they continue to stubbornly refuse to provide an actual on-screen bracket.

Quarterfinals: Lacey Lane v. Meiko Satomura

Lacey is in way over her head at this point and hopefully Satomura puts her away fast. So now, 7 episodes in, they’ve added graphics for the entrances where it gives information like ring style and name of the finisher. So we’ve got a Trailblazer v. Cinderella Story here, which means Michael Cole is in his cliched glory. They trade cartwheels to start and throw kicks at each other, and Meiko gives her a pass on that one. Lacey doesn’t want a handshake, so Meiko kicks her RIGHT IN THE FACE. Lane gets a takedown for two and a low kick for two, but Satomura just levels her again with a high kick and takes her down with an armbar. Lacey makes the ropes to escape, so Meiko just lays in another kick. Lacey fights back with forearms and a running knee, and a bodypress gets two. Meiko has had enough and she just finishes with the death valley driver at 4:30. They tried really hard to put Lane over on commentary, but I wasn’t buying her on offense and neither was the crowd. She just looked too young and too green to be in this position. **

Quarterfinals: Io Shirai v. Deonna Purrazzo

They trade headlocks, but Shirai does some gymnastics and puts Purrazzo on the floor, then follows with a dive. Back in, that gets two. Shirai with double knees to the gut for two. Io misses the mule kick in the corner and Purrazzo rolls her up for two and gets a series of near-falls, but Io rolls her up and leaps into a double stomp out of that. OK, that was awesome. Shirai throws forearms in the corner, but Deonna fights back with a backflip into a dropkick, and then hits a kneelift into a legsweep and then into the armbar. Io rolls her over for two to escape, and snaps her down with a crossface. Purrazzo counters that for two. Deonna recovers on the ropes, so Shirai hits a 619 and follows with a springboard dropkick for two. She goes up and Purrazzo yanks her down and follows with rolling germans for two. She transitions into another Fujiwara armbar and Io teases the tap as the crowd freaks, but she reverses out into the crossface. Purrazzo fights up, so Shirai hits the ripcord knee and follows with the double knees in the corner, and then goes up with the moonsault to finish at 8:41. She hasn’t hit that damn moonsault properly all tournament. Heck of a match here with all the counter-wrestling and gymnastics. ***1/2

Quarterfinals: Rhea Ripley v. Tegan Nox

Nox immediately sends her to the floor and follows with a dive, but she’s already messed up her busted up knee now. Way to go. Back in, Ripley goes to work destroying her with a press slam for two, but the ref throws up the DREADED X and the trainers come in to check on Tegan. She claims to be fine, so Rhea continues beating on her where she left off before. Maybe hit her in the damn knee? Tegan fires up with chops, but Ripley just LEVELS her with a dropkick and the ref stops the match at 3:15. I was thinking it was a work, but apparently Tegan tore up her ligaments and dislocated her good knee on that dive. Well that really sucks. No match to speak of here.

Quarterfinals: Toni Storm v. Mia Yim

Storm pounds on Yim to start and gets a running knee in the corner for two, and a snap suplex for two. They slug it out and Storm wins that one with forearms, but Yim stomps her down in the corner and gets two. Yim wraps her up with an inverted surfboard, but Storm falls on top for two. Yim dropkicks her for two. Yim tries a guillotine, but Storm powers out into a slam. Yim keeps throwing kicks and a Pele gets two. They slug it out and Storm makes the comeback with a german suplex and a hip attack in the corner, but Yim fires off a backdrop driver for two. Toni tries a fameasser, but Yim powerbombs her for two. She tries Sole Food, but Storm grabs the bad hand to counter, and finishes with the Storm Zero powerbomb at 8:30.  **1/2

Next week: We wrap up the tournament with Toni Storm v. Meiko Satomura and Io Shirai v. Rhea Ripley. One of those results is gonna make me VERY sad. We’ll discuss that next time, I guess.