WWF Wrestling Challenge – June 21st, 1992

June 21, 1992

From the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, OH

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

In action this week are Nailz, Texas Tornado, Kamala, and High Energy. Plus, a special report on Ric Flair.


Crush vs. Barry Horowitz

Horowitz avoids Crush a few times and pats himself on the back for a reward. He then lands a few shots but they have no effect then Crush catches a punch and squeezes his hand. Crush follows with a press slam and a leg drop then stays in control until the head vice gets the win (2:27).

Thoughts: Another showcase for Crush as they build him up until they have a feud ready for him.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. Same as the Update fromĀ “Superstars” that focused on the Randy Savage/Ric Flair feud with Flair vowing to reclaim the World Heavyweight Title.


Beverly Brothers w/ The Genius vs. Ron Cumberledge & Kevin Kruger

The post match promo from The Genius makes fun of the “Legion of Sissies.” Blake beats down Cumberledge then we hear from The Beverly Brothers & Genius saying the LoD’s fathers are upset because instead of boys they got two “sissy girls.” The Beverly Brothers stay in control until they put Kruger away with the Shaker Heights Spike (2:27). After the match, the Beverly Brothers paint Kruger.

Thoughts: This feud keeps getting lamer. The LoD are supposed to be bad asses yet they let these guys make fun of them weekly without any retribution.


Texas Tornado vs. Bob Bradley

Tornado is getting kissed by the ladies on the way down to the ring and gets aggressively pulled by an older lady, who slips in a smooch. Bradley cheap shots Tornado in the corner then hits his back handspring elbow smash. Tornado fights back and hurts his hand on a punch but hits a clothesline followed by the Tornado Punch for the win (1:33).

Thoughts: This was horrendous. No excuse for this much communication between veterans in a TV squash match but it mostly seemed like it was Tornado’s fault as he seemed like a space cadet again.


Razor Ramon from this week’s “Superstars” vignette airs.


Kamala w/ Harvey Whippleman & Kimchee vs. Reno Riggins

Before the match, Whippleman said he came to the WWF to take over and that Kimchee found Kamala down in the African jungles to help him on his mission. Heenan gets in a dig on Mike McGuirk by saying Kamala with his mask on looks better than she does. Kamala immediately beats down Riggins. He then catches him with a side kick before the splash gets a win (1:12).

Thoughts: Another Kamala squash as he still has not learned you are supposed to roll over your opponent on his back before making the pin and is supposed to be the guy to help Whippleman take over the WWF. I mean they couldnt have found any other big dude to replace Sid?


El Matador vs. Tom Stone

Heenan said that Matador really learned bullfighting by crossing the Los Angeles Freeway while blindfolded on rollerblades. Matador beats on Stone then hits an inverted atomic drop. Matador fires away and after that uses the El Paso de Muerte for the win (1:49).

Thoughts: Matador matches are now just a backdrop for other stuff in the promotion or in this case ethnic jokes from Heenan.


Gene Okerlund welcomes The Mountie & Jimmy Hart to the interview platform. The Mountie shows off his super shock stick complete with sound effects. Okerlund asks Mountie what he was thinking after using the stick on Slaughter. Mountie said he heard that Sgt. Slaughter had been doing a lot of chin-ups but then said he never really heard it as it was written on Slaughter’s face. Mountie then calls out Slaughter for ordering people around because he is The Mountie. He then says that a sergeant is nothing compared to a Mountie and that the only thing he enjoys more than is “Great American Scream Machine” is for an American like Slaughter to scream. I do like that name for the shock stick. Mountie is having a blast with this character but again, this feud blows.


High Energy vs. The Executioners

Gorilla tells Heenan to do the bird but Heenan said he likes to do that at 450 degrees. Gorilla even laughs at Koko’s pants as Koko hits a double clothesline. The announcers tell us that The Executioners go by the names “Pain & Agony” and at one time there were champs who went by The Executioner name. We hear from the Nasty Boys & Jimmy Hart in an insert promo as they promise to “short circuit” High Energy then we see High Energy win after Koko hit a missile dropkick on one of The Executioners that was up on Owen’s shoulders (2:04). Heenan joked that Koko was wearing Andre’s old pants.

Thoughts: Its almost like this High Energy team and wardrobe was solely designed as a rib. Oddly enough, Koko himself said that Heenan suggested Koko replace Jim Neidhart as Owen’s partner. Maybe Heenan thought he was doing them a favor by trying to get heat but it didnt work as even the face announcers ragged on the High Energy suspenders.


Clips of the WBF Championship. I made it about 5 minutes then could not take anymore when attempting to recap this shit.


Nailz vs. Dan Robbins

Nailz hits a clothesline as the announcers talk about the beating he put on the Big Bossman. Nailz stays in control then hits an electric chair drop for the win (1:37). After the match, Nailz chokes out Robbins with the nightstick he stole from Bossman.

Thoughts: They continue to push Nailz as a major threat and how he put Bossman out of action.


Next week in action are Money Inc., Bret Hart, and Papa Shango. Plus, an interview with Berzerker and a special report on Randy Savage.


Final Thoughts: Most of the key segments here were shown on Superstars as there is not much to talk about on this show. This is truly a sad period in WWF history.