Wrestlemania III questions.


Not sure if this has ever been touched on. 

What came first.  The Hogan/Andre angle or deciding you book the silverdome? 

If it was booking the Venue.  Hypothetically, if Andre could wrestle for any reason. Is there another match that could have filled that building at the time? 

Wwf was in their own successful little bubble that I don’t think bringing in Flair or Nikita would have worked. 

Piper? Orndorf?  What say you?

Hogan-Andre came first and then they booked the venue to be filled by the match.  Vince had been reportedly toying with the idea since Hogan originally won the title, with the original plan being Hogan v. Andre at Shea Stadium in the summer of 84 (as noted by Meltzer in the Observer at that time) which is why Andre was celebrating with Hogan in the dressing room after he won the title. But then the whole Hogan thing took off bigger than Vince could even dream and they didn't need to do it. 

If Andre's not available, no way they run the dome.  There was just nothing else big enough at the time.