UK hot takes

Hey Scott,

Just saw the UK show… bleh. Dunne is a very cool added, mid card attraction a la Eddie guerrero/Chris Benoit 1995. I'm not sure why someone like him needs an entire "brand" centered around him at this point in his development. Nothing says "big time house drawing main event" like: pete dunne vs. The guy who actually made alicia fox interesting for 90 days on tv minus the freaking gimmick. That was every indy style main event ever for the past 7 years they just did. 

Tyler Bate and Trent Seven are money and always have been. Again, they are great additions to the meat and potatoes of a given card. Who the he'll are they working that is on their level?!

People like Dave Mastiff are the REASON gimmicks exist. You have a guy that looks like a freak and he goes out there as a wrestler… yawn.

More Wolfgang matches. Are you excited yet? Me neither bro.

Also, wouldn't it serve the show better to have occasional nxt tag title defenses rather than a gosh darned 4th set of unique frikkin tag titles?

That show is proof that you could put 2 squirls f___ing inbetween a set of ropes in england and it would still get a "this is awesome" chant. Yeck!


Hot takes indeed.  Still don’t think I’m watching it though.