John Hennigan

When "John Morrison" left WWE I remember it being related to Melina's issues and you saying that he wanted to become an actor or something along those lines.  While I didn't think he would ever become someone who would be THE GUY, he definitely had the look, in ring ability, and charisma to be near the top of the card for years and make a lot of money for the company.  I think a lot of fans have been expecting him to come back for years, but it hasn't happened.

Now he's on Survivor(as a fan of that show I can tell you that he has been great and incredibly likable so far), appeared on GLOW, and has gone to the top of two other promotions.  This guy's stock has never been higher. 

Here is my question: Why has Vince not brought this guy back yet? Did he burn a bridge, or do you think he has been holding out for a better deal?  I have to believe he would make more money as a top guy on Smackdown than he has been doing all of these other things.

Hey, I’ve been advocating for him coming back as a top guy for ages, but I think he’s happier doing his own thing on his own time, and good on him.  He’ll be back eventually and the longer he holds out, the bigger offer he’ll get.