What's up Scott,

Few questions for you. In your hidden gems rant, you mentioned Konnan being so sought after. Why was that? I know I have heard him say in interviews that at 1 point him and Vampiro were like the Hogan's of Mexico which was the premise for all those years of heat they had. Was it true? Also do you think he would of been more motivated and would of been a bigger star had Vince gave him a shot? And last what was the deal that Vince never signed him after WCW folded. I do believe I read somewhere that he met with WWE after that but they got mad he tried to negotiate for Rey Mysterio or something.

Yeah, in the early 90s, K-Dog was a totally different worker, as we saw on the Hidden Gems video.  Not only that, but he looked like a rock star and had the kind of physique that Vince was looking for. That being said, after the Max Moon deal fell through, he had heat with Vince with a LONG time and neither guy is quick to forgive, so I'm not shocked he didn't move over with the WCW guys.  They also turned him down in 2000 when the Radicalz jumped ship, if I remember correctly.  He could have been a cool addition to DX, but probably wasn't worth the trouble anyway.